DEXA after five years Letrozole

Just wanted to offer some reassurance and positive news to women starting AI treatment . Five years down the line of taking daily Letrozole and now 66 just had the results of my second DEXA scan and bone density is ‘reassuringly normal ‘ which is massive relief . I know DEXA doesn’t diagnose spread but it can indicate cancer issues so great to know no osteoporosis etc . Particularly reassuring as I had sciatica a few months ago and feared the worst . Since then taken cod liver oil and been more vigilant with daily Vitamin D . Also walk at least a couple of miles a day which to be honest is I think the best therapy if you can manage it . Appreciate not everyone can . It also helps with Lymphodoema. So five more years of Letrozole to go and I plan to carry on doing my best to keep active and healthy . Good luck all


Great news, thank you for sharing =)

Thank you for sharing @Susanmanchester :heart:

Thats helpful, thanks.
I can see that you have started cod liver oil and vitamin D. Is there anything particular you’ve done in the past five years or were you doing these things all the way through?

Been on Vitamin D 5 years as prescribed cod liver oil recent as developed sciatica few months ago but it’s mostly gone . That’s it apart from Letrozole which have till 2029 . I walk a fair bit don’t drive try and eat healthy and have constant battle with weight but try my best . Recommend low carb diet for energy and weight control - don’t always stick to it !

Thank you for sharing, I’m awaiting my second mamogram since my diagnosis in 2022. Also taking letrozole, Cal D3 and Alendronic, I also have osteoporosis, have taken cod liver oil for years and like you walk a good 10000 steps everyday with my dog, there is light at the end of the tunnel. X

I have been on Letrozole, Adcal calcium and Alendronic Acid tablets for over 2 years and had a Dexa scan last year which showed I had Osteoporosis in spine and hips, but is particularly bad in the spine. I was referred to a clinic and had infusion to replace the Alendronic Acid tablets. The Consultant said that probably I had Osteoporosis before starting Letrozole but as I did not have a Dexa scan at the start of Letrozole treatment they don’t know state of my bones at that time but admitted that these tablets would have made the condition worse. I had been complaining of back pain for quite some time but my GP said I was not at risk of Osteoporosis as I was a non smoker and my weight was ok, but how wrong she was. I was at risk because of the Letrozole tablets. Not everyone taking Letrozole will get Osteoporosis but I was unlucky. I feel let down but as they only have one Dexa scanner to cover the whole of North Wales, there is a long waiting list.