Dexa Scan results

I’ve just had a letter with the results of my Dexa scan.

It says I have “slightly diminished bone density” and to contact my GP for treatment recommendations.

Guessing this means I am at risk of developing osteoporosis as I am taking Letrozole.

Has anyone had a similar result or from experience, interpret what this is likely to mean in terms of treatment?

Many Thanks



Mine came back as the low end of normal.  Your GP will just go through the report with you and the recommendations made.  Mine were to ensure I took regular exercise, take vit d and calcium supplement.  I have a chewy tablet which combines the both twice a day.  They also recommended that as I was on a hormone blocking tablet to have it repeated every two years instead of 3.


I take the tablet morning and evening.


Helena xxx



Thanks Helena

I will book an appointment to see my GP.
As ever when a letter arrives on Friday afternoon we have to wait until Monday to establish the facts.

Have a good weekend xx

I’ve decided not to worry and just see what happens on Monday.
The words "slightly diminished " sound sort of ok…hopefully. …xx

Just the same result i got!! Low end of normal!! Take more exercise such a walking and use weights, I do anyway!! Taking calcium and vit d tablets twice a day but they contain sorbitil too which makes you ‘run’ never mind walk???

No I actually meant sorbitol stimulates your bowels Helena so you may get the ‘runs’???

I didn’t have a Dexa scan, and I wonder why, being on Letrozole and Ibandronic acid.

I’m off to the GP tomorrow because I’ve losing the feeling in my fingers on my cancer side.

Hi yes I’ve just had my dexa scan results and my bone density is down too . So I’ve got to go back to see what they going to do .
I’ve been on anastrozole 2 years …
Any one know if it reverts back when you finish the drug please