Has anyone had a Dexa Scan for Bone Density? What does it entail please?

Thanks Jo xx

Hi Jo

Yes I have and it is really easy, and takes about 15 minutes max. You don’t have to undress. You just lie on a couch while they whizz over bits of you with a scanner on an arm. It isn’t claustrophobic or anything like that and the person stays in the room with you. A really easy one - don’t worry about it. If, as in my case, they find thinning of the bones then the treatment is also pretty straightforward. Best to catch it early!

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As scans go, it was pretty easy: just lying on one of those padded hospital tables and having pictures taken of my right hip and spin. No horrible drinks, radioactive tracers or iv lines, unlike some scans I have had.

Hi Dilys and Christine

Thanks so much for your replies. I can relax now knowing it’s not nasty.

Someone at work told me it was just on your heel - but sounds like its a whole body thing for most people.

Can I ask how long did it take to get the results - and did they send them to you or your GP please?

Thanks again/

Jo xx

Hi Jo

I think they choose a couple of bits of your body but it really doesn’t matter. In my case they gave the results to my oncologist and he called me back between routine appointments to get the treatment started. Probably took about two weeks if I remember rightly. It is just nice sucky vitamin D tablets (Adcal-D) plus a 6 monthly IV infusion which takes about 30 minutes all told. Not a problem. I count myself lucky as I had only been on Arimidex for a few months and can’t believe the damage was done solely by that. I am 56 and the bones must have been crumbling unbeknownst to me already, I reckon. So I am glad they found it!

All the best and good luck with it.


Thanks Dilys

I am already on Adcal-D and Arimidex. I think they are just checking as I am 57 and probably crumbling too!!

Jo xx

dilys, can i ask what iv infusion you have and why do they give it to you iv and not the oral bisphosphonates that most people get. With all the new research coming about iv zoledronic acid reducing the risk of reaccurance by 38%,i am pushing for it for my sister. the oncologist, however isn,t playing ball.He says research is still going on.