DEXA scan



Just a quick question. I have a DEXA scan later today and not at all sure what to expect really.


Also, I had breast reconstruction using my own tissue 8 weeks ago so assume not a problem for having a DEXA scan?





Hello MM, hope you’re still here!  DEXA scans are simple and straightforward and only take a few minutes. Just have to lie down on a bed and a machine (flat board type thingummyajig) will pass over you, nothing scary or intrusive.  Doesn’t touch you at all, nothing like as huge as the rads machine.  You’ll be longer waiting to go into the room. Don’t have to undress, just wear comfy clothing, no metal etc.  It will measure your bone density to give a starting level if you are going to be taking hormone therapy.  I was found to be osteopenic (first stage of osteoporosis), but do take anastrozole, which strips out the calcium, so have to take adcal d3 - just a chewy tablet.  You have the DEXA scans every two years to check what is happening.  Hope you are ok. :catvery-happy:xxx