Dexa scan

Not sure where to post this, so excuse me putting it on this thread. I had a Dexa scan in June 2016 when I was going through my treatment for BC. I was told in April this year at the breast care clinic that this would be repeated next year. When I saw my Oncologist last week for a routine appointment she also said it would be repeated next year. However today I’ve received an appointment for a scan next month, less than 18 months after my first one. I’m sure I’ve read that you should leave at least 2 years between scans. Just wondering if this is correct. My scan was fine last year by the way. Thank you. Anita



I had one done a year ago August but that was before I even knew I had bc, when I saw my GP earlier this year she told me that usually it would be every 3 years but because I am on a hormone blocker she said I should have it every two years.


You could always ring your bcn/oncologist to check this out to see what they advise.