I’m on Dexamethson soluble tablets 2mg, three tablets once a day, as well as EC chemo, I’m finding my mouth is very dry and I’m constantly gagging to swollow, at times it almost feels like I can’t breath. Has anyone else had this side affect?

I didn’t have that but I had really elevated blood sugars which I couldn’t get within a decent range so after speaking to my oncologist he agreed to halve my steroids for the duration of my chemo (4xEC, 12 x taxol) with no adverse effects.

It may not be the steroids causing it, it could be a general side effect of the chemo. Speak to the chemo holiness and see what they suggest and drink loads of water.

Hi Pinklily

I’m taking the same steroid but only for 3 days… 8 mg twice a day on day before chemo, day of chemo and day after chemo… I find myself short of breath too! And I’m awake most of the night!
Hope you feel better soon x ???