Diagnosd on Monday Er+PR+ Grade 2 HER2 borderline

my head is in overload and I cant seme to grasp this…I am reading so many women affected by breast cancer and lot sof positive stories…my brain is in overload though.MRI tomorrow and then waiting…it is the waiting.Any top tips would be great x


Hi MaryAK,  this is the worst time, when everything goes through your mind and you don’t know what to think or do.  I was diagnosed last August and had a lumpectomy in September.  I also was ER/PR + and HER2+ which meant that instead of just radiotherapy and hormone treatment, I had to have chemo.  Chemo started in December and I am now half way through radiotherapy.  There will be tough times and days when you can’t get your head around it.  But now 8 months on I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This site will provide you with enourmous advice and help to get yout through this and it also helps that you can take to people that are going through the same thing you are. Best Wishes Alison xxx

Hi MaryAK,


My diagnosis was the same as yours, on re testing my HER2 came back negative. This was in November last year, so I’m through the other side after a lumpectomy, SNB and radiotherapy.


The waiting, as you say, is the hardest bit. Your health care team are ‘information gathering’ at this point, so they’ll know exactly what treatment you need to get this sorted, and it WILL be.


Please don’t google! Trust the information on here and from your health care professionals. Don’t read everything at once, just take each step at a time and read only what’s relevant for you. There are lots of great threads on here which you can join when the time is right for you, you’ll get amazing support!


I also had a notebook with me at all times, so I could jot down any questions I had ready for my next appointment. It also acts as a diary too so you can monitor how you are feeling.


Please be kind to yourself and accept all offers of help, this is a difficult time but you WILL get through it I promise.


Love & light

Donna xx

Hi MaryAK,


I was diagnosed in mid Feb and the bit between diagnosis and finding out the results of the MRI were definitely the hardest so be rest assured the anxiety you’re feeling as absolutely normal and it WILL get easier. I built up the MRI scan in my head but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined. It’s noisy and a bit weird but it’s over pretty quickly and they blow air through the machine which prevented me from becoming claustrophobic. The nurses all know that it’s a tough time for us so will look after you. Take someone with you if you can and try not to let your imagination run away with you too much. Once the docs know what they’re dealing with and you have a treatment plan, things will feel much clearer in your head. All the best of luck with it. Xx

Hi MaryAK,


Hope your MRI went ok today and you soon get your results. The SNB I had is a sentinel node biopsy where the main lymph node is removed/ a sample taken from to check for cancerous cells, this was done at the same time as the lumpectomy. Thankfully all was clear.


Love & positive thoughts to all


Hi, I am recently diagnosed too, I am finding it easier every time I get a result or a bit of information,  as you then know what you are dealing with,  and it stops your brain coming to its own conclusions somewhat.  Bit late now but I kept my eyes firmly shut from when I laid down to go into the mri until I came out!  I hope it wasn’t too bad for you.