Diagnosed 08/01/08

Hi, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week but had to attend hospital this morning for the results of the tissue sample which said I have Lobular Carcinoma. I have to have surgery to remove my right breast on 31st January, I’ve been very breathless for a while now and I’m scared it may have spread to my lungs. I watched my dad die with lung cancer and I’m really scared, so scared I didn’t have the courage to ask the Doctor. A classic case of burying head in sand!
I’ve given permission for Sentinel Lymph Node Surgery which I think will be good thing for future sufferers. Like the other lady who was diagnosed the day after myself, I don’t feel anything about losing my breast, maybe it will come later as It sinks in.I’m divorced and not in any relationship so at least I don’t have the worry of how I’ll look as no-one else will see, though on the negatve side I’ll not have any loving arms to support me.

Hello baylife,

Welcome to the forums where I am sure you will get lots of help and support.

You may find useful and interesting BCC’s resource pack for the newly diagnosed. If you would like a copy, which is free, just follow the link to order one:


Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Baylife,

Welcome but sorry you have had to join us. I can relate to your worries and I know from experience that the waiting to find out results is the hardest bit. Please be assured that the treatment you are going through will be monitored and any worry you have should be followed up. Please try to find the courage to talk about your symptoms as they with help the team build a bigger picture of your condition and treatment. Scans are not always given automatically so do not wait for investigations taken up on possible check ups.

I too like you was not worried about losing a breast its just something that had to be. I also saw my dad die of cancer. What was sad about my dads case was that he would have stood a better chance had his GP followed up his concerns at an earlier time.

Anyway back to you, give yourself the best possible future by seeking the best possible treatment through being body aware an proactive in your treatment. That doesn’t mean to say you should ask your prognosis if you don’t want to know. All the very best.


Sorry with your dx, I will be joining you on the 31 jan having masectomy. Although nobody want to be on this site the support from everyone is excellent.

You said that you didnt want to ask about breathlessness, would it not be possible to ring your bc nurse and discuss your queries over the phone of have someone come with you to ask the questions, sometimes you want the answer without asking the question yourself.

Could it be possible that this is due to stress,anxiety,worry, etc many ladies on this site mention breathless as part of their anxiety .

As Carol has said your team need to know so they can do the best for you. I can relate to you as I only want to deal with the next bit of this journey without looking to far ahead and crossing that bridge when I get there.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.




hi Baylife

Welcome to the site - though I am sorry you have had to join us. I had a mastectomy in November last year, and like yourself the loss of the breast was not a major concern to me - more of a necessity. Even now 3 months on, it doesn’t appear to be having any major effect on me - my hubby and kids have all seen the scar and the lop-sidedness - it’s just how I am now!

I do agree with what some of the others have said. I too buried my head for a while, over concerns about other cancers in my famile, but once I voiced my fears and concerns to my breast nurse, she either reassured me just through talking - or arranged for other tests to be carried out to reassure me (which were all clear).
I think as you will see from other threads on here - the breathlessness does sem to be a common theme, and is possible (though i’m no expert lol) as much related to the stress and anxiety you are experiencing as to the cancer.

If you don’t feel like you can speak to your gp or breast nurse, then maybe talking it through with one of the advisors on the helpline here would help you? Sometimes just voicing your concerns to someone - anyone - can alleviate the worry

Please let us know how you get on

take care

margaret x

Hi, Baylife

Sorry about your dx, Please don,t feel alone as there are so many of us here to support you.
I still don,t feel anything and i am going for surgery tomorrow but i now feel that is a good thing as at least i am not worried yet.
But i know when i am, i have all these new friends to support me, and what a wonderful feeling that is !
people who know what your going through.

Please keep in touch


Mandy xx

Hi to all you ladies I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer in Oct 07 and had double mastectomy. Good luck to all in having your surgery i can honestly say that i had hardly any pain only a little discomfort from reconstruction when moving. Hope this helps to reassure you. I am getting nervous myself now as I am due to start my first session of chemo on Fri.
Mandy all the best for tomorrow and keep us posted on your progress (will be thinking of you).
Dear Baylife try not to worry too much (easier said than done) as it could possibly be stress and anxiety that is causing you the other problems but i wish you luck . Have you got lobular cancer or have they said it is LCIS (lobular carcinoma in situ?)
Love Sandra

Hi Baylife,
I had a mastectomy this time last week for an invasive lobular cancer - the sentinel node biopsy is good stuff as it spares you having lymph nodes removed unnecessarily. I was a bit apprehensive about the SNB before but it really was fairly painless - described by someone as eyewatering, and that’s about right.

Do ring the breast care nurse and tell her you feel breathless - it may just be the panicky “can’t breathe” feeling that comes with a diagnosis of cancer, especially as you had the sad experience with your father. Better to have it checked - but you know that already.

All the best and take care,


Dear Baylife

I had a bilateral mastectomy on 11th December after being diagnosed at the end of November. After diagnosis I was very breathless and spoke to a friend of mine who is a doctor. He said to me it was most likely to be anxiety. It resolved. I later got a rash which I think was also psychosomatic. I always felt I was a mind over matter person but these things just seem to take over.

I had to request a ct scan as this wasn’t offered automatically. My breast care nurse has always been very upfront with me in terms of test results and read my ct scan and bone scan results out in fromt of me. But I know it is very difficult to ask questions when you know the answers can be so frightening.

We are all different but I found the surgery fine. The whole thing is a bumpy ride and I still have difficulty getting my head around it all. There is lots of support and I think it is important to take advantage of all of it.

Having spoken to people who are several years down the line I am told that I will get through this and I will be happy again. Nobody wants to be here but as I was told the other day there has never been a better time than in the last two years to have breast cancer.

Wishing you all the best for 31st.

Judith x