Diagnosed 15/4/08

Hi All

Diagnosed last week with bc - totally unsuspected and found by chance when at Breast Clinic having a cyst checked out - grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. Having lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy this Thursday so feeling very jittery now. Don’t know yet whether hormone receptive but had Mirena coil removed last week, just in case. I feel fortunate it was found so early on but still feeling scared.


Hi Claire

Sorry to hear your news but you will get great support here . I just wanted to wish you luck for Thursday. They will obviously know more once this nasty has been removed.

Keep us posted. Deep breath Claire, thinking of you

P x

Hi Claire

Good luck for Thursday Claire. Sounds similar to my experience. I went to have a cyst checked and found my grade 1 invasive ductal carcenoma back in feb.

Am doing ok on the RAD’s at the moment

Keep your chin up and let us know how you are. keeping fingers crossed for you!!!

Best wishes
Kay x

Hi Paula and Kay

Thanks so much for your support - it really helps to know you’re out there and I’m not in this alone.

I’ve been discharged today after lumpectomy and 4 lymph glands removed Thursday. Have to wait 2 weeks now for result so back to playing the waiting game. I still don’t know if it’s hormone receptive or not as the biopsy was inconclusive - 30% oestrogen, 50% progesterone, so neither +/- so they’re testing again but this time on what was removed with the lumpectomy. Still, I’m glad I had the Mirena removed as it looks as though it could be heading towards progesterone +

For anyone who is waiting to have lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy - it’s nowhere near as bad as you’re expecting! Honestly! I’m the biggest coward and was dreading it but the staff explain everything and I could ask as many questions as I liked - this really helped.

The isotope injection didn’t hurt - just a bit of a sting, then a wait of 2 hours for the scan which was completely painless - it’s a gamma camera (I asked) which picks up the gamma rays you give off after the injection (I thought my boob might glow in the dark or something - could be useful I suppose if it did if, say, you needed to find the loo in the dark or going off clubbing - could be the start of a new trend)

I was particularly dreading the anaesthetic as I’d had very bad experiences as a child with anaesthetics/vomiting but I got the opportunity to speak to the anaesthetist before going to theatre and the anti-sickness med was already waiting to be given to me together with the anaesthetic. I felt fine afterwards, in fact I couldn’t believe how well I felt. There wasn’t much pain either - one dose of morphine to begin with as I was waking up then paracetmol after that. I had a drain in place but had that removed this morning - again that wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected - dreadful thing, thought!!

One word of warning though - blue boob/blue poo. I know I was warned but still comes as a suprise!!!

So, another hurdle over. I think it’s going to be a long journey but hopefully this site will keep me going. Thanks for listening.

Claire xx

Hi Claire,

I’m glad to hear that you’re getting good support via this website and that your recent surgery has gone well. I have posted below a link to one of BCC’s publications, our Resource pack which contains lots of useful information to help you while you are going through the BC journey. To obtain a copy, which is free of charge, just follow the link. Hope this helps.


Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Claire

Glad to hear you passed the first hurdle. the surgery is nowhere near as bad as you imagine, is it? I know I had mine in February and I was scared stiff. The anaesthetics have come a long way. The wait now will be tough, but I should hope that its more or less what you know already. Yes, it is a long journey ahead, but again, nowhere as bad as you would ever imagine. Your life will change, but I think for the better as you will become more focused on what matters and what doesnt. It also makes you a much stronger person and you realise just how much you can cope with. You obviously have a good sense of humour, which will get you through. Speak to you soon


Hi Claire

Great to hear you are ok. Blue boob and poo…now theres a party trick waiting to happen.!!

Seriously I am really pleased it all went well and not long now till results. Keep us posted Claire

Speak soon

P x