Diagnosed 31 May and a wreck!

£100 bingo win is good but even better is the distraction from evil google!
My bcn said they were going to try to fit me in on Thursday for a follow up but it was unlikely that they would have had full results reviewed in time so no point bringing me in to say that they don’t yet have a plan. Fair enough.
I can’t have a wee before the mri because I have to have not had one for 4 hours for the abdominal ultrasound that they are doing after. I will be hoping that my pelvic floor doesn’t let me down!

Just had a call. MRI machine is broken so tomorrow’s scan is put back to Sunday. Doesn’t change the overall picture - still have to wait until next Thursday to see consultant again anyway. But I’d got myself geared up for it.

Thanks for the encouraging words, they really do help. I will see if I can take my own music - maybe some Nirvana will get me in a fighting mood. No claims to fame here- I used to hang out with one of Francis Rossi’s sons as a teenager and my second cousin was “mixmaster” for Stick Aitken and Waterman. But not exactly anything that would give me any street cred!

Thistledown- Good luck with the path results. I hope you continue to heal well too.

Thanks for the support, it means so much xx

Abdominal ultrasound went ok today. Liver is fatty so need to improve my diet but no obvious signs of anything else. It was the same radiographer who decided to biopsy the non-suspicious looking lump just to be sure - she said she was really shocked that it had actually been cancer. More tears from me - I did thank her though. Now just to keep fingers crossed that the MRI machine is working on Sunday. Hope you are all well xx

MRI today. Noisy and a bit claustrophobic but not too bad. Now the long wait until Thursday…

Apparently, they have seen “something” on the MRI and I need to go for another ultrasound on Wednesday. Oh my god. I burst into tears on the phone but they couldn’t tell me anything else other than I’ve got to go Wednesday for them to check this other thing. My heart is jumping out of my chest!

Allypops, breathe.

Whatever it is they’ll have seen and dealt with before, they just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Just an aside, if they say there’s nothing on the scan ask them to biopsy just in case. My invasive lobular cancer didn’t show up in a scan and I was told there’s was nothing there a couple of times before they finally found it via mammogram and biopsy (I never had an MRI)

Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

More core biopsies taken (including axilla lymph node - scary) so will have to wait for results before finding out what the treatment plan is. Appointment with consultant postponed til next Thursday. Feel terrible to be honest.

Thanks JaneBelinda and Thistledown

Sorry you are having all these worries too. xx

Just had phone call. Now have a CT scan tomorrow morning too ?

Another phone call - ultrasound and further biopsies from other side of bad breast as well as ct tomorrow. But all results should be ready in time for the appointment next Thursday. My poor boob is already black and blue from yesterday’s biopsies (bled a lot too). I’ll also need a bone scan at some point in the next couple of weeks but that doesn’t need to be done before the next appointment/treatment plan.

Had appointment with consultant. The mri, ct, and biopsies show that it is bigger than they thought with axilla node involvement. It’s also close to skin so I will need a punch biopsy next week in case it is inflammatory. But no evidence of distant spread on ct. But may now need chemo first and mastectomy. So being referred to Royal Marsden for them to look at treatment plan. They still seemed hopeful that they can treat it. I’ll be glad when the plan is in place.

I have had my appointment at the Royal Marsden. As long as being be scan and echocardiogram are ok, I will be starting chemo in about 2 weeks. EC-accelerated T chemo (4 of each). They don’t think it’s inflammatory but it is a bit spread out and close to skin. It’s also in the lymph node they tested so I would be having chemo at some stage anyway and doing it before might give more options, or make surgery less complex. So that’s the plan at the moment.

*bone scan not being be scan!

Hi Allypops,

I’m on 4x EC (before 12 T) at the minute. Done 2 so far and it’s not at all terrible. the thought of it beforehand was worse than the actuality. You’ll be fine. Good luck with it.


Thanks Sally. It’s thrown me a bit as I had initially thought that I would be having surgery first. But I will be glad to get started on my treatment plan. I hope chemo won’t be too unkind to me. I hope you continue to find the chemo ok and manage to keep all the side effects under control.

Allypops x

Hi Allypops,

Thought I would jump in as similar to my experience and wanted to say this is the hardest time. Mine was bigger than originally thought and node involvement so had my first chemo yesterday after thinking op would be first.

Diagnosed on 2nd May so it’s been a long old wait with umpteen tests , scans, biopsies , clip inserted etc .

I feel much better now it’s beginning to happen do hang on in there and join the July chemo starters for tips ?

Take care

Karen x

Thanks Karen. My metal clip gets put in Tuesday. I am hoping it won’t be any worse than the core biopsies. I will join the July chemo thread as soon as I get my start date. So hopefully, I’ll see you on there soon.

Allypops x

Hi Allypops,

The clip is ok very quick and not as fiddly as the biopsy, took two minutes for me so hopefully you will find it a breeze in comparison ?

Good luck and see you in July chemo group ??

Best wishes

Karen x


The clip sounds ok then. One less thing to worry about!
Thanks for the reassurance xx