Diagnosed a week ago today

I am new here and am all over the place. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer in my right breast and has move to lympnodes. I have had MRI this week to check hasn’t progressed further. I am nervous and have another week to wait for bloods and MRI results. Also I am awaiting CT scan. Scary future ahead. Have pains in back of neck and some down front in-between boobs and struggle with some food so feeling very anxious . Hope to be able to hear from people who may be able to help . Thank you x

Hi Tracy, welcome to our forum but sorry you find yourself here.  It’s a very anxious time to begin with, waiting for scans, results and treatment plans.  It’s quite normal to find all sorts of pains and eating problems as a result of anxiety, I certainly did.  It gets easier once your treatment plan is in place and something is being done but I know that doesn’t help you right now.  I promise you will laugh again even though you don’t feel it at the moment.  I was diagnosed at stage 3 locally advanced with lymph node metastases in March 2017 and had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy.  I’m just on hormone therapy now and back to a normal life again.  Once your treatment has been decided you can chat with others going through the same on the Going through treatment thread on this forum.  If you are having chemo the monthly chemo threads are really helpful for support.  I’m still in contact with my chemo buddies and we’ve had a meet up too.


Here’s my story which I hope you find some comfort from: lifeafterlola.com/


Nikki. X

Hi Tracey,


I feel you as I found out 2 days ago and also new to here…at, this point I’m awaiting for MRI and further biopsy on my lymph node as the previous didn’t give a clear finding. 


Anxious to say the least but found some comfort here with all the support and similar phase some of us are going through. 


Good luck and keep us posted! 

I’ve had my diagnosis about 3 weeks ago and was told a soon as I had my biopsy it looked sinister. Same as you my ct scan has showed no spread which is a relief however I need a lymph node clearance as a few have cancer cells inside. I feel the same anxious and it’s affecting my appetite and my tummy is just all over the place. One minute I want to eat the whole” house the next I just can’t bear to eat and then I just feel dreadful. 

Nice to be able to connect with other people in same place as me.


im having surgery in 10 days so I have something to aim for as I have decided to set my self little goals and milestones. We are all in this together and can help each other through. Hope you are okay xx

Hi Tracy

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but welcome to the forum. I’ve found it to be a great support.

I too was diagnosed with invasive ducal cancer in my right breast. I had lumpectomy 4 weeks ago but unfortunately one margin wasn’t clear so booked in for further surgery next week.

I can relate to the anxiety and waiting for tests and results is awful. Fear of the unknown is not pleasant.

I wish you well in your treatment. Take each day at a time and be kind to yourself.

hugs Mel x