Diagnosed aged 80

My mother in law has just been diagnosed with BC, no details yet. I use this site occasionaly after my own mastectomy for DCIS 4 years ago. Would like to hear from any “mature” ladies out there who have had treatment, so I can encourage M in L as much as possible. (Hence posting to this topic rather than newly diagnosed) She lives 4 hours drive away, so can’t pop over to see her easily.

Hi Silversue

I’d be interested to hear from you as am in very similar boat so if you want support, let me know


Am not a (particularly) mature lady myself (was 50 when diagnosed with my breast cancer) but I have a very dear old friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 79. She had a lumpectomy and rads and five years of tamoxifen. She didn’t have any chemo, despite some node involvement, because she already had heart disease. She is now 88 and still living alone and generally enjoying life.



I am maturish in body[65 in march]if not in spirit!The good news for people of mature years is that cancers tend to grow much more slowly than in younger sufferers.It is far more likely that someone dx at over 75 dies of non cancer related causes.
I hope all goes well