Diagnosed at ultrasound

Hi everyone 


I’m new to this. I found a lump 2 weeks ago on holiday 5cm paid private as I could not wait the 2 week wait. They did ultrasound and mammogram an confirmed the likeliness of it being cancer I’m only 34 got 2 kids 7 months 3 years. Can’t belive this is actually happening to me instead of enjoying my last 2 months of maternity before I go back to work this is happening. They have done core biopsy I go back tomorrow for results. Just hoping on some sort of miracle and they got it wrong so scared trying to be strong for husband and kids but struggling don’t know how I’m going to cope. 

Hi Jenny,

First of all, glad you found us but sorry to hear you’re going through this.

IF bc is confirmed, then you’re not alone, there are many others here of a similar age with young children, who hopefully will be along shortly. 

Do let us know what happens tomorrow, things do tend to move quite quickly if it is confirmed, but most importantly it will then be treated.

Sending hugs

ann x