Diagnosed before biopsy results


I came across this website couple of weeks ago but didn’t want to post until after my clinic appointment (in the hope I wouldn’t need to use it, unfortunately I do).

Given a 2ww referral to the breast clinic by my local surgery after I found a hard lump in one breast last month (I’m 65 soon). Clinic was busy and running late (it happens) and had an hour’s wait beyond my appointment time which didn’t help my nervousness. Examined by consultant, told me what procedures they were going to do and had short wait for mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, and insertion of metal marker followed by another mammogram to check marker was in right place. By this time I thought to myself it was probably serious. Back to the consultant who showed me the images and told me that it was cancer, treatment most likely would be to remove the lump (day surgery or overnight) followed by “medication” (his words). Short and to the point! I didn’t ask any questions as I was in a bit of a shock. Biopsy results in two weeks time. 

Biopsy obviously confirms diagnosis but do these results also determine type of cancer and treatment that follows?

Due to lockdown I’ve not seen any of my family since 2019. This diagnosis feels like everything has been put on hold again and I feel like screaming, not cried yet, still in shock, thinking of all the worst scenarios now.

(Three screening mammograms since I turned 50, don’t smoke, barely drink alcohol, eat healthily, no breast cancer in family.)

Jacqu Sorry you find yourself on here, do use all the help and support Breast Cancer Now can give you before your biopsy results so you can take in list of questions if you need to. Please be kind to yourself you will be in shock right now, don’t think anyone who has gone in for a check and then next thing you are having biopsy etc and then sent on your way while waiting for results doesnt feel like they are in free fall. Remember your team have seen it all before and will be tailoring treatments specifically for you, Breast Cancer Now will be additional support blanket along with your tram each step of treatments and there are threads that you can join if you want each stage of treatments where others at same stage in treatments will share tips and tricks with you too Be kind to yourself, don’t try and process everything all at once it sends you into overdrive and do keep off dr google because that just sends everyone stratospheric. Do look at strawberry blondes mountain lion in hope and inspiration it is something that has helped lots of us over the years on here Step by step you will get through :two_women_holding_hands: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi 

I am in a similar position.  After mammogram and ultrasound, my consultant sent me for an MRI.  Saw her again yesterday and had 5 x core biopsies and a titanium marker put in.  I had hoped she was going to tell me I could stop worrying, but instead she said I have a 19x13mm invasive lobular cancer.  The biopsy will tell her whether or not it’s hormone receptive.  I’m stunned, sad, scared and can’t get off the internet.  With you all the way xx