Diagnosed but not given stage

Hi I have diagnosed 2 weeks ago had ultrasound mammogram biopsy and MRI have been told a will be starting chemo just waiting for a ct scan first. I am worried because I havnt been told a stage when I asked the doctor she said they dont do stages for breast cancer I am confused 

Hi I was diagnosed in May with 3 out of 4 nodes involved, haven’t had a single scan at all and haven’t been given a stage either, just a grade. I don’t have a breast care nurse to ask but perhaps if you do you could ask them?

sorry not if any use at all!

Hi Jo and Ruthie


I’m sorry you’re facing this situation. Everything about it is worrying and one anxiety heaps on another. It’s a natural response to the threat.


I was told that the stage isn’t an indicator breast surgeons and oncologists use/share any longer. I know my hospital, which is a regional centre of excellence, doesn’t - I had information about the grade of each tumour and indicators of its behaviour and predictions from that but was not told the stage of the cancer. To be honest, I think this is preferable - recovery rates are so good now and I would have been even more worried if I’d known it was anything but stage 1, which it obviously was. I didn’t even absorb most of what they told me - I didn’t choose to know. So it looks like it’s your hospital’s policy and they may have given you the information in another form (as in my case). I’d suggest you ring your breastcare nurse (the department in your case Ruthie) and ask for an explanation to ease your anxiety. 


Good luck to you both


Jan x

Hello Jo, 

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.   As far as I knew they still do stage  breast cancer.  My understanding is it relates to size and location of the cancer.  I have attached a link to the Cancer Research UK site for your info. I am sure if you also do a search  on the Breast Cancer Care main site,  you will also find info.  It is possible that they are not clear about the stage yet if you have not gone through the entire diagnostic procedure. Stage and grade can also change after surgery, and can be up or down staged and graded. 


Best wishes to you, 

Chick ? x