diagnosed DCIS but lump by armpt?

Can anyone advice. Diagnosed DCIS last Friday.Have looked at the diagram given us and DCIS dosent look as if it is further over by the armpit.Any suggestions.
Also due to go on holiday on Saturday.Op originaly booked for thursday that week but because of hols re-booked to the next week.Been having a think and me and hubby dont think our heart would be in it and we have left a message with the consultant’s secretary to ask for our original booking and cancel hols.
Waiting for phone call from herand pre-obs due this afternoon and MRI for Thurday.
The world as gone made!

Jeanie, just seen this, as I was posting on your other thread!

Shame if you don’t go on holiday - your call, obviously, but I had a postponed op (4 weeks, due to various reasons) - and it was OK.

Just might be a while before you can have a holiday - if you need radiotherapy??

Out of interest - you have pre op Monday, MRI Weds, op Thursday - same as my schedule! You’re not in East Yorkshire, are you?
Take care
Lizzie XX

No. In Dudley, West Mids. Just been for pre-obs and nurse said that it is suspected invasive.
Not canceled hols yet but I dont think we could enjoy ourselves with this hanging over us.
Consultant not there today so we cant be sure if we can get our original date anyway.