Diagnosed just last week

Found out that the breast cancer I had back in 2014 has come back with a vengeance in my liver and bottom of my spine.

just started hormone injections and tablets. Waiting for a liver biopsy to see exactly what’s going on but having to wait due to lack of beds because of COVID.
Feeling ok, but paranoid with every ache and pain I feel.

finding it hard to deal with the fact that I can’t be ‘cured’.

another worry is how I’m on furlough from work and so unsure if I should tell them yet.

as you can tell, I’m pretty lost!

Hi Seren23
It is definitely a massive blow that’s difficult to take in, I had my 1st bout around the same time as you.

I’ve just had my one year anniversary from my stage 4 diagnosis and I’ve finally got my head around it all - it’s not easy, but once treatment began it became _ easier _ and I was adamant I didn’t want my life to change too much, I do hope that it’s the same for you. I take my pills & get my jabs and follow my treatment plan like my life depends on it… and it does!!
‘Can’t be cured’ is a bitter pill, but you will see that you can carry on, it becomes more ‘palatable’ once meds kick in. I’m working, carrying on as I used to -  I know it can all hit the fan at any time… I try hard not focus on that…and I figured when it happens- I’ll deal with it then, what’s the point of overthinking about it now! I’m not on furlough, but if you’re permanent and your job is stable - I’m sure you are protected, but I’m no expert. I took 8 months off sick - I needed it! You say it’s back with a vengeance - I do hope you’re not in too much pain.

Just wanted to reach out to you, good luck with biopsy. Take care and keep us updated…


Hi, just saw your post, I am sort of in a similar position to you right now,

I had surgery in August 2020 left mastectomy for recurrence after 20 years, they also found an early bc on my right breast so I had wle and sentinel node removal, on the ct scan for my diagnosis in june 2020 they found a very small lung nodule on my right lung, drs decided to watch it to see if it grew, I didn’t have chemo (low score on onco test), no radiotherapy due to previous scarring and started on hormone therapy as er+ and her2-ve, had a repeat ct in December and it showed the nodule had doubled in size so I had a pet scan in January, 2 weeks ago I was told this was active on the pet scan so is probably a secondary breast tumour, they can’t confirm til it can be removed and so I have now been referred for  key hole lung surgery, 

The surgeons have told me I will now have to wait because the hospitals in this area are full of covid patients luckily the nodule is still quite small I think,but they don’t know if the medication i am on is working or not, so it could grow again  while I am waiting !! I hope not, I am not working as I am physically disabled but my husband has had to be put on furlough as I have been told to shield and as I do not drive it is difficult to get to appointments, so far in the last six months my care has involved 7 different hospitals over a large rural area, some of these appointments have been at short notice it seems like they are trying to fit people in where they have space for scans etc in order to get patients seen, I wouldn’t be able to do this if we didn’t have a car. We’re you offered a choice of hospitals for your biopsy? I have accepted a choice of three hospitals for the lung surgery as the dr said it might mean I can get it done quicker.

Hi Seren23,

I’m not an advice worker or lawyer but I don’t think you need to tell anything to your employers yet that you might not want to. I think the furlough is just that: furlough.

Time enough to tell them once you come off it? Might be an idea to check your legal position with Citizens Advice etc?

Hope that helps :balance_scale:

Angel Eyes x

Hi seren23

i was diagnosed with stage 4 in October last year in my liver, spine and shoulder , I’m on letrozole, kisquali, and hormone injections I’m waiting to start denasaub injections . I was very lost and scared at first and still have bad days , but I agree with the other comments once you start your plan you do start to feel a bit better , I think it gives you something to focus on , good luck with the liver biopsy xx my work have been very good at allowing me to have days off when i don’t feel up to it