Diagnosed Last Week - LICAP vs Mastectomy

Hi - I was diagnosed last Thursday with stage 2 ductal Oestrogen positive HER2 negative cancer, which is also in my lymph nodes.  I had a CT scan yesterday and am due back in clinic next Thursday to discuss results of CT scan and to confirm my preferred option of operation - my consultant has offered LICAP surgery or mastectomy, as lumpectomy would remove too much tissue.

I have a million things running round in my head and am so undecided about which option to choose. If anybody has had the LICAP surgery is there anything you wish you’d known beforehand?  I also met the surgeon who would carry out the LICAP surgery and really liked her. Does it seem silly to opt for this surgery for this reason??? 

Thank you for reading - and any response greatly appreciated x

Hello Dear,

I am 61. Same here Er+ PR+ Her 2 -.

I had one biopsy and it made the area so much worse, dimpled and it hurt like heck.

I refused any more invasive treatments. I feel great and have no symptoms.

I chose to go on Anastrozole and wait to see if I am mentally prepared for breast and lymph node removal. The anastrozole may help to shrink the Cancer? May help me live 5 years?

My oncologist is very mad at me as this not STANDARD TREATMENT.

I had to complain to the ethics committee before she agreed to give me anastrozole.

Their plan: Chemo, off with my left breast and nipple, remove many lymph nodes (also in the muscle) and radiation then anastrozole.

I just can not get with the program.

She does not no anything about what to do with me now.

 I am going to try another Oncologist who just may support my decision.

Has anyone here used Anastrozole as a first treatment?