Diagnosed last week

Hello everyone, i am 41, with two daughters, 13 and 9, and was diagnosed with lobular invasive bc last week. I had an MRI yesterday and pre op bloods taken. Seeing my consultant next week when i should find out if there is any more cancer there than they think there is (2 lumps currently) and the type of surgery i can expect. I am scared! There seems to be so much to take in. Family and friends are being amazing though! Any advice for a newbie? Sending all of you hugs and courage xx

Hi Bek123

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Hi Bek,
So sorry you have found yourself here.

I was diagnosed in october with Invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2, I had a mastectomy 2 weeks later with 3 lymph nodes taken. 10 days later I recieved my results that there was no spread so had 3 weeks of radiotherapy and im taking tamoxifen for 5 years.
I have 4 children ages 2, 5, 9 and 12 and it broke my heart having to tell them but they all coped really well.
Im sure some more ladies will be along soon to give you some support and advice possibly with the same ‘type’ of cancer as yourself.

The worst part of this horrible journey is the waiting…waiting for results, waiting for your op, waiting for more results, waiting for your treatment plan but it does get easier I promise. Once you start getting your results in and know where you are you will feel much better and more in control.
Hope all goes well ((((hugs))))

hello love  I two was diagnosed with invasive  lobular cancer  last week went for the mri this Tuesday and  treatment plan given to me Wednesday .  Every case is different  my mind is spinning with questions  about chemo etc   I am having that first after having a wire inserted   I’m older than you by 20 years plus.   Fight it girl  I’m going to dreading the  side effects of the chemo   I hate being ill . My advice is talk to the  experts  the cancer nurse   I am doing a list when  I have a question come to me  I phoned my doctor this morning about   a few he is brilliant .  Its  a lot to take in  but we are not alone  there is help out there   just ask  I am  

Hi there i have invasive ductal cancer her2 positive and grade2. I too have 2lumps but other spotting here and there in one breast. Ive been told i will def have to have chemo and prob rads aswell. My mastectomy op is 27th jan. Think they know i def have to have chemo because im her2 positive!!! Its all new to me too,i wont know of any spread untill my op and when the remove lymth nodes!! I see afew on here having m.r.i’s,im confused as to why i have not been offerered one !!! All the Best

Hi everyone, 


This is something I have been thinking about when reading the forum, I am 37 and have not been given an MRI scan, not even a mention. I am having a lumpectomy on Thursday when they are also checking my lymph nodes for spread, could it be because the ultra sound did not pick up anything in my lymphs that they are waiting for results?? xxxx

Hi to all the ladies on this thread,

Just thought I may be able to add a comment that some of you may find helpful.

I’m 45 and was diagnosed at the end of October. My initial tests were a mammogram of both breasts, followed by an ultrasound of the left breast where I could feel the lump(s). They took a core biopsy from what they could see on the ultrasound. A week later, I was told it was cancerous, but a ‘good’ type, relatively speaking.

I explained to my consultant that I felt in my heart that there was more than one lump. In my case, I have very dense breast tissue, and NOTHING showed up on the mammogram. He offered to do another ultrasound. I said that, as US is down to a person, who may inadvertently miss something, I would be happier if I could have a breast MRI. I think in some cases they may not proactively offer this as it’s expensive. In other cases,they may just think it’s unnecessary.

The MRI showed four defined ‘lumps’; three of these were in a cluster and the forth was further away. At this point, they felt the three were all cancerous, but the forth looked benign, as it was very oval shaped with smooth edges.

The next step was to biopsy one of the others in the cluster, and biopsy the one that looked innocent. They wanted to ensure this was cancer free, and reckoned I’d still be able to have a lumpectomy.

It turned out that all four were cancerous. As the forth was so much further away, and deeper in, I had to have a mastectomy.

I am not saying this in an attempt to alarm anyone on here, but I will say, if you know you have dense breast tissue and/or think they may be missing something, ASK FOR AN MRI!!!

I believe that this made all the difference to my case. It completely changed my treatment plan and probably avoided me having multiple surgeries! Without it, they would have proceeded with the lumpectomy. I can’t say whether they’d have gotten a clear margin or not… It may have been they got the cluster, with a clear margin, leaving number four behind and unnoticed!! That doesn’t bear thinking about!!

I’m a firm believer in ensuring that my mind is put at rest, and if I feel they need to do something that they haven’t, I’ll ask for it! We all have the right to know that every possible measure has been taken to give us the best possible outcome.

Again, please don’t freak at what I’ve said; it’s meant with the best intentions, in particular as most people have no idea what on earth is right, wrong or indifferent when they get the shocking news they have breast cancer.

Wishing you all well. Love Mel. X

I was diagnosed with grade 2 oestrogen positive lobular invasive cancer in October . Initially told lumpectomy but after MRI mastectomy undertaken. Had three nodes taken . That was mid Nov. The worst part was waiting for results and having the drain in and taken out…weird sensation! No radiotherapy or chemo needed just tamoxifen so I got off lightly. Only 1 night in hospital …recovered with good movement in arm except some numbness. Good luck!

I find talking about it to anyone  who will listen  helps a  great deal  they usually say  I know  someone  who has had it has or   gone through it and is just fine no   do not be scared it is beatable  I  start my battle on the 7th Feb  with my first Chemo  sort of  dreading the side effects but  until  I know  what they will be   I will face them and deal with them if any !   good luck   hugs and best wishes