Diagnosed non invasive but sore

I am worried about the fact I’m so sore from biopsy they hit nerves. Results showed non invasive but I have to have full mastectomy as tumour is big . anyone else sore from biopsy?

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Yes I was very sore following my biopsy and I had a huge amount of bruising. I needed to take painkillers regularly.  It continued to feel sore until my surgery.


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Yes I was very sore after biopsy, probably as bad if not worse than after the actual surgery! Xx

Hi Ekmoat

I was sore and black and blue from my biopsy for a good couple of weeks . My tumour was 7-8cm they had to get samples from all around it to check it wasnt 2 or 3 different ones clumped together was how my radiologist put it she said she had to “dig deep”

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:slight_smile: I had neoadjuvant chemo so I have had 6 months or so to get my head round the whole mastectomy thing beforw it happened. I have surgery set for next week for a full MX and ANC so will be going through the ouchies around the same time as you

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Its all not very nice for any of us xx

Hi Ekmoat, have just been generally reading posts in this forum when I came across yours and it hit a note with me re. General anaesthetics. Just over 2 years ago I needed to have an operation to fix a prolapse and I was so scared of having a general anaesthetic. The last time I’d had one was when I was 6!! (I’m 52!!). When I saw my anaesthetist, I explained how scared I was and she was really good at explaining everything to me, what happens, how I would be monitored, what it would be like when I woke up and how closely I’d be monitored then aswell. That did help, but I was still nervous as hell! But the whole process was so smooth, they kept me talking (even laughing!) until I started to feel dozy and that was it until I came round again! No problems at all coming round - just extremely tired and cold so they gave me loads of comfy blankets. Then after an hour or so I was back in the ward - starving hungry for tea and toast. The best tea and toast in the world I thought!!
Since then I’ve had 2 further unrelated operations (the last one brought me to this forum!) and although I still get nervous just beforehand, it’s nowhere near the extent it was. I’m likely to be having my 4th op in a few months time and I’m quite relaxed about it at the moment - looking forward to the tea and toast and comfy blankets!!
Hope this helps with your fears a little :slight_smile:
Take care xxx

I was really sore too after biopsy and swollen. The soreness wore off after around 10 days but the swelling of my lump and area remained until surgery. Area of biopsy was on side of bra cup line so I purchased my post surgery bras early and wore them or didn’t bother and hung free so to speak.


regarding anaesthetic, it is scary when you haven’t been under before but my lumpectomy was unfortunatly my 11th being put under (non related to breast cancer, most gynaelogical) but the team were still comforting and talked about all sorts to take my mind off it when I gor in the room. Before you know it you are having a lovely sleep. All I can say, is I’ve been under a fair few times and I wake up just fine to tell the tale. 


If you feel that anguish, they can give you a pre med to help you relax 

stay strong




Yeah hun bruising is awful too xx

MX next wednesday. Scared still…and more scared about the anasthetic and the results waiting time…

Good luck,waiting for results is hard ,but hopefully in a weeks time you will be cancer free and hopefully no more treatment needed .This has a big impact on you emotionally as well as physically even if you get good news being faced with your own mortality is a biggie .