Diagnosed on Friday with lung liver and hip mets

I’m absolutely devastated I can’t stop crying and shaking. I’m 38 single mum with 3 young children. I only went to the doctors with a sore hip, had ct last Monday and hospital called me Friday to go in for results. The tumour in my liver is 4 cm I think and a few in lungs but there less than 1cm. I had an injection in my tummy on Friday and got to go get bloods done Thursday to see if I can start ibrance on Friday. 

I’m looking for just some reassurance.


lou xxx

I feel for you. What a difficult situation. I have secondaries and have been on Ibrance for a year. So far very few side effects. You should feel better when you start treatment x

Lou i know it feels like the end of the world right now but with all the treatments out there and new treatments being found there is hope. Im 5 yrs past diagnosis and there are ladies on this site with more years than me. Take it 1 day at a time and get as much info as you can deal with…dont bombard yourselef with statistics etc as everyone is different. There is so much support out there too so take advantage of it. Im having complimentary therapy so if you get offered it take it! 

Thinking of you   carol  xx

HI. I’m on Ibrance since September with no side effects. when I got diagnosed I went into complete meltdown. I’m a single parent too. 

Try to just get through each day at mo. It does get a lot easier. Once you have all the info . I was so surprised how much treatment there is out there. You’ll feel a bit better once you’re on meds xx