Diagnosed on Wednesday

Hi I was diagnosed with grade 1 ductal carcinoma on Wednesday.  I have been told I will have a mastectomy on the 9th January. Just wondering if anyone has any advice as I can’t stop crying and I’m so anxious about it all Thank you

Cheryl73 sorry you find yourself on here. Please be kind to yourself, everything can feel like an out of body experience, your getting on with your life then suddenly everything has changed and you find yourself having to make choices and decisions quickly as what’s seems to be appointment after appointment please do look on the threads and use all breast cancer now can help with, please do phone the number on here and speak to a nurse also the someone like me option could be helpful too do also speak to your team with anything they’ve seen it all before and are there to help support and care for you each step of the way and bcn and all of us are here too, so please reach out and ask away as much or as little as you need there is no wrong or right to anything, you do what you need to do for you it will try to take your joy, don’t let it, you are still fabulous beautiful you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Dear Cheryl

We  have all been there and now we’re here for you please take one day at a time at the moment you’ve had a terrible shock and need to come to terms with what’s happened and you.

When  going through your treatments and appointments you’ll be able to meet up with other people in the same position you will chat away they feel sorry for you, and you’ll feel sorry for them at the end of the day it’s all kindness to each other.
If I could make a suggestion that you get yourself a notepad and pen to take along to your consultations making notes so that when you arrive back home you can look back on what’s happened to you as there’s so much to take in.

Anxiety takes such a toll on us, be kind to yourself, take all the help from family and friends offered, but most of all keep posting on this site, I feel sure you will get some excellent advice and lots of encouragement going forward.

with the biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi Cheryl

It comes as such a shock being given your diagnosis, doesn’t it? I was recently diagnosed and had my mastectomy last Thursday.  I was more scared of having surgery than anything as I had never had surgery before.  When I say that now it seems ridiculous :upside_down_face: but it affects us all in different ways.  It’s only natural to feel the way you are feeling and if you need to cry then cry (its better out than in).  Sending you a big virtual hug