Diagnosed on weds with dcis

Never been on a forum before but would like to share my experiences and possibly have some support from others in similar position. I was diagnosed on weds with dcis after a routine mammogram . Have to say still in shock aim due to see consultant on 25th February to discuss my surgery etc, Not sure what he will advise but i am thinking of opting for a mastectomy as there are other areas of calcification which the radiologist suggested they looked ok? I want to be reassured that all the area has been removed . Any advice would surely help.x

Hello Podge-1

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime you may find it helpful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000 and have a confidential chat with one of the breast care nurses who are there to support you.  Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

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Hi podge saw your message and registered to reply. I was diagnosed early January with dcis. Presume you’ve had biopsies? They might suggest a lumpectomy if the other calcification are nothing to worry about. My surgery was scheduled for yesterday but the mammogram yesterday showed another tiny dot of calcification so surgery cancelled. More biopsies. Results next week. Can’t advise you as it’s a personal thing but happy to talk things through with you here. You can talk to the breast care nurses. At my hospital in Bath they are great.


I was diagnosed with dcis on the 14 jan at recall from first mamogram. Had biopsys and then core biopsy which discovered widespread dcis 5cm which left me with no option but a masectomy. It all moved so fast that I felt mostly like it was not actually real! My surgery was on the 13/2/14 and I spent 3 nights in hospital. I had immediate recon with strattice and implant. I had wanted to use my own tissue but did not have enough and though I could have gone for the ld recon (back muscle) again I would have required an implant and it would have been a two stage op rather than the one. I had sentinel node biopsy at time of op and was thrilled to get the all clear last Thursday. Currently recovering at home- still sore but not as bad as I imagined. Will be having mastplaxy on my good breast to level them up. Currently one very perky and one very droopy!! To be honest I would have considered lumpectomy if possible but then would have required radiation therapy - so I guess you have to decide which option will suit you best, how you will deal with the treatment and how best to go forward. Never forget it is your body so it is up to you what you choose. All the very best with your decision and treatment x

Hi Helen and podge. I am taking it easy but trying to do little things that make me happy and will help with my recovery. My friends and kids are amazing but they know I like to deal with things my own way in my own time even though my time seems faster than everyone else’s! Sewing class good last night but after couple of hours my shoulder started to ache so I stopped. Have very easy day planned for today and the weekend is supposed to be warm so looking forward to just sitting in the garden with coffee and good book. Hope all good with you today podge. I’m surprised I am not in any pain just tender like I’ve been kicked by a horse.

LL x

Hi Podge

I am 5 weeks post surgery and my underarm is pretty much ok now but mine was still quite sore at 3 weeks stage.


Good luck for today


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Brilliant news Podge


Did I read earlier that you are at Glenfield Hospital?  That’s where I go.


I have been discharged from the Breast care unit and will also have mammograms every 18 months for 6 years but I am waiting to start radiotherapy.


Mine was tubular cancer 9mm and they got good margins and nodes clear.


Jaye xx

Hi Podge


Yes I live in Leicestershire too


Enjoy your holiday when you go, you deserve it


We normally go to Devon early May every year and hopefully will be having a holiday too when I get my treatment finished.


Jaye x

Hi Podge


I have an appointment at LRI on 17th April to see the Oncologist so from reading on these forums I gather I have to then have a planning meeting so doubt I will start radiotherapy before May.  I was also told I will need to take tamoxifen for 5 years too but that is something I need to discuss with the Onc as not sure I am prepared to do that with all the side effects.  My tumour was low grade slow growing and I had the letter that they send to your gp and it said my prognosis was excellent.  I’m 64 so feel at the moment that I would prefer to do the radio and take my chances rather than going on tamoxifen.

I have been very stressed out like most of us and feel that being on tamoxifen will only add to that by me worrying about cancer of the womb or blood clots


So pleased you have finished your journey and can enjoy your life


Jaye x