Diagnosed stage 2

Hi all
I am 40 years old diagnosed with stage two breast cancer feel bitter have been suffering with lumps for nine years and asked for something to be done sooner and now I am here struggling big time. I had double mascetomy two weeks on Monday ago and get results this coming Tuesday. I am very sore and constantly getting fluid build up and having drained. Feel alone even though I not but hare putting on people. I have to have radiotherapy and had bad lymph nodes took so looking like chemo. Can anyone give me advise on how to cope . I was due to get married in June and made decision to postpone this right now, I have three kids and trying to be brave ,

oh bless you Stedie


Try and stay strong, it is so hard i know, i was diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago, i am 46, and have op on Monday. I have 4 kids and it is heart renching thinking about them, but you need to stay strong. Everyone on this site will be right behind you and support you. I have gained so much strength from this site when i thought that it was just me and that my world had caved in!!


You are not alone, take up on offers of help and speak to your GP and Breast Care Nurses, they are there to help and support you.


love and hugs, take care


Wendy xx


Hi Wendy

Thank you got replying it is trey what people say it the waiting game x
What surgery are you having if u don’t mind me asking x

I go Tuesday to discuss my treatment x dreading it to be honest xxx good luck with surgery . I had double due to suffering with lumps in both and not risking it down line that was nearly two weeks ago and it flown to be truthful am very tired though having to have naps lol

Good luck to both you and Wendy. You are both a little ahead of me in our journey. I will be here to offer my support as I am sure you will be for me.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes xxxxxx

Got results not spread under arm but was larger than they thought . Not sure how I feel right now . To go back Tuesday once the top bloke looked at results for treatment plan x

Hi Stedie


sorry to hear you are struggling,  it’s ‘normal’ what ever that means,  we all have to find our own way to cope and adjust to our situation.  I think the beginning is the hardest time, trying to find your balance.


I have to admit my first reaction was how my cancer was going to hurt the people who love me.  


Everyone here is going to help and support you when you need it. Just letting it out helps. Any questions just ask.  Once you get your treatment plan and full results you will have more say in your treatment.  


Phone the helpline if  you need to talk , you will find your way but it will take time. 


Take care.


hi hon,

before i say anything just to say that i have just been diagnosed…3 days ago and i have just found this website so don’t know anything. i’m 40 - in edinburgh and in shock - i can hardly remember what i was doing 5 mins ago…
just wanted to say hi -  i would love to chat to someone…

trying to find a sort of local forum at the mo…not sure how you find people from your area.

Hi sorry for dealt in answering x I am so confused right now and hoping someone can help x

Ok so no lympth nodes involved clear and all my scans are fine. However the lump was bigger and spreading at 30mm the surgeon said I could get away with just tablets now but not her call the oncologist decides who I am seeing on Tuesday next week x

Here is my issues I know all she said is good but reading stuff on this site people on my situation with lumps less than mine have had chemo or radiation to prevent it coming back I am scared if I dot get this then down the line I will get it back and with having youngest child at 11 I don’t want to do this again would rather get everything sorted while going through it now.

Think what I am trying to ask is do you have a say in treatment or not anyone who can help and put my mind at rest I would appreciate it .

Thanks Stedie