Diagnosed this week

Hi everyone,

I received my diagnosis on Monday this week. I had a few mamagrams, 2 biopsies and a MRI prior to diagnosis. Thankfully it looks like mine is small and early stage, but grade 2.

Like a few people who have posted on here the first feeling I had was relief that now I know rather than wondering if I was worried over nothing.

My consultant told me my expected treatment plan and then said that we need to get more mamagrams and biopsies. I had another few mamagrams, ultrasound and biopsy the same day. I have now been booked in for another biopsy next week!

When I feel anxious about it this often comes out as being very impatient. I get brain fog and don’t understand why I need more tests once I have a treatment plan.

I signed up to this forum yesterday, and having read some posts from the people on here it sounds like having more tests after the treatment plan has been discussed is not that unusual.

Has anyone else had these anxious impatient and confused feelings?

I feel lucky to have a friendly treatment team and breast care nurse.

I am trying to work on my patience skills.


Hi Katie Sorry you find yourself on here I just want to tell you that treatments can change throughout your breast cancer journey you just have to go with the flow You are still in control but you just learn to relax into it as you progress through treatments This is because your team will tailor your treatments specifically to you as you go through, they could change they could not so just wanted to share with you so you don’t get anxious and impatient if things do change during your breast cancer journey, just take it day by day, step by step and stay focused by having a lovely big treat to yourself to look forward to for when you finish treatments :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Katie

That sounds like an excessive amount of mammograms (the thing I abhor the most!) so my heart goes out to you. Every cancer is unique and treatments have progressed so much in the last few years so there are innumerable tests that your biopsy samples can undergo. Mine ended up in the USA. It does delay treatment but it is better to have a comprehensive understanding of your specific cancer because you may qualify for one of the latest treatments. 

Your hospital will work to NICE guidelines and they won’t delay treatment longer than necessary, certainly not long enough to put your at risk, if that is your concern. Anxiety does bring on a brain fog. When you aren’t used to going into a room and forgetting why you went there, it can be disconcerting but it’s certainly not unusual. I’d suggest you start building up your resilience because you are going to need it as you go through treatment, even though you’re unlikely to have the full menu of therapies, with it being early stage. Meditation, running, mindfulness, baking - whatever gives you peace of mind, now is the time to practise and to practise seriously, daily or more frequently! I use YouTube videos - there is a whole series by Progressive Hypnosis and they got me through my treatment 2018-19 and my current treatment!

I hope it all goes smoothly for you xx

Hi Katie,

You have described pretty much how I feel right now. I was diagnosed last Friday, had a MRI on Monday and saw my consultant this morning expecting to get a treatment plan and even a date for surgery only to be told the MRI showed something that needs investigation in the other breast. So I now have to have another biopsy under ultrasound on Wednesday but if that doesn’t find the area of concern I will have to have a biopsy under MRI.

It is difficult to stay positive when I seem to get worse news at every appointment and it all seems so surreal and like I have turned into someone else.

 I am trying to just get on with everything I would normally do between appointments.

I am still brain befogged and I have had breast cancer twice. I also have violent mood swings and decide it’s spread everywhere and I can see lumps appearing, and think I have fixed areas all over the place. Then I realise it’s rampant hypochondria and I need to live in the moment.

I am good at dying a thousand deaths and the internet can be an odious thing too. I am pretty healthy for 67 and I was ok for 19 years after my last diagnosis. It is still what they call a local breast cancer, as it’s a lump in my breast, nowhere else.

Everyone is different but there are two main types of breast cancer - ductal and lobular. The breast has lobes where milk is made. It has ducts that carry the milk to the nipple. So cancer can happen in one or other of these parts. Invasive cancer means the cells are multiplying without the normal process of cell death that occurs with normal cells. Because of this they invade other tissues, and keep growing. That normally means they need to be surgically removed. 

That’s as simple as I can describe it. My cancer was removed by surgery in 2003. It didn’t spread anywhere, and I had 19 years cancer free. After 19 years I have another two lumps but I am now 67 and they will also be removed. Hopefully I will go on for a few more years more.

I expect you will have ups and downs, I find it helpful to write down how I feel and find out what other people think. I am either extremely angry or having a laugh.  I keep myself very busy walking in the countryside, cooking, reading, and giving treats to our Dalmatian Lola. Last time 19 years ago that is,  I worked through most of my treatment. I am a pensioner of 67 now so I am a lady of leisure at least in theory…

I walked the Southdowns Way in August last year, sleeping in a tent with my husband who was kind enough to put it up every night when we reached our destinations on the way. It was 110 miles walking in 8 days. This year we had another go and did part of it again the other way,  so I am pretty physically fit.

Currently I have no pain from my lumps other than worry about them so things could be worse.

But I do find myself going bonkers (sorry to use a technical term) a lot.


Dear Katy

i have found patience has never come to me. The word patient comes from the Greek or Latin for suffering I believe.

the worst times for me are when I have been left without any clothing on, with a hospital gown on which exposed my bottom to people sitting in the waiting room, wearing my socks and bovver boots only, sitting ion a chair . That’s when I wasn’t showing my bum to evyone. That was waiting for CT scans for my diep reconstruction. Ages of waiting with nothing to read. Then two different scans on huge machines. Quite awkward as well as I had to raise both arms high above my head for one of them, which could be difficult for some old ladies of 67. Not for me of course,

Anyway the last straw was when some boy of about 25 asks me,  “Are you taking Viagra?”

I lay there and said loudly

“I am a woman.  I do not have a penis.”

it turns out there ARE women who take viagra for heart conditions so there you are! I didn’t learn that from the young man who asked the question as he had run off in fear by then!

Who says you can’t learn something new at age 67?


Hello Katie 

First of all welcome and this is the place to come and discuss or off load your feelings.

Unfortunately, this is my second time around but this forum was an absolute god send last time and I know it will be again.

I cant pretend I know why youre having another biopsy . You can ask when you go why youre having another one theyre usually good at explaining or it may be that you are having a different type of biopsy.

I had a mammogram biopsy last time but this time around Iv only had ultrasound biopsy.             

Once it gets going you should hopefully start to feel better and more in control.

I think the waiting for results and waiting for things to get started is the worst, Im guessing because youve used the word impatient youre struggling with the loss of control and not being able to sort it yourself.

I think youll find most of us on here have felt like that and sadly youre probably confused as all of this is alien but you will find yourself less confused as your journey begins and things/words become more familiar.

There is loads on here I dont understand as there are different types of cancer and treatments. You will work out what is relevant to you . And just keeping asking questions.

I am a nurse myself but I knew very little about breast cancer and was astounded by my own ignorance .

I guess its the scenario of not knowing about something fully until you experience it yourself.

Glad you have a friendly team it really does make a difference. 

Take care 

Steph xx

Yes I feel the same.  I was in a queue at the moment to speak to a nurse to ask for a copy of my pathology report from 8 Sept 2022 surgery . This so I could talk to an oncologist about my drug treatment. I will only speat to this person once i know what’s this report says. I have rung off now as lunch calls!