Diagnosed Thursday

I’m new to all this. I’m neally 52 and foung a lump. Have had a core biopsy and was told I had breast cancer last thursday. I am booked tohave a lumpectomy in 3 weeks time. Is this the normal to have to wait this long from diagnosis?

hi jane! i too am very new to this site, 41 yrs old,dx with idc and booked for wle &snd nxt monday.so all in all 3 wks from dx till surgery.i thought that was pretty fast at the time but with hindsight i want it over and done with like yesterday!reckon the timescale 4 u is pretty normal so dont worry anymore than u r already.easy 2 say i know but ur in good company here.ask away with any questions,the ladies on this site have been a godsend 2 me!with love,alex xx

Hi Jane,

I have also recently been diagnosed and like you have had to wait 3 weeks for surgery (next Thursday). Although it initally seemed like a long wait, I have tried to use the time to find out as much as I can about BC (this site has been invaluable answering all my questions) My family have been fantastic, my home is now cleaner and tidier than ever, I have passed on my duties to my colleague at work and friends/family/colleagues etc have all been informed. I now feel I am physically and emotionally ready for whatever may happen following surgery.

Good luck to you - keep strong


Hi ladies who have been recently diagnosed. I am a bit further down the road than all of you, but thought I would post on this thread to perhaps offer you a bit of reassurance about timescales.

I found a lump in my left breast in January 2010, went to doc, got referred to breast clinic and was seen within a week. Had mammo, u/s and core biopsy, all of which were clear and was told “it is just normal breast tissue”. (This is a summary of my experience)!!
Went back in March 2010 and in June 2010, but consultant refused to remove lump because of “normal” test results.
Went back in November 2010, again had mammo, u/s and core biopsy which were normal, but had a different consultant who decided to do lumpectomy to have pathology have a look! Had lumpectomy on 13th Dec 2010 (nearly a year after I had found lump) and was told on 23rd December that I had invasive ductal breast cancer and would have to have further surgery to have lymph nodes checkes (SNB). My nodes were clear.

Please try not to worry too much about having to wait 3 weeks or so for surgery. My tumour was 17mm, stage 2 grade 2 (a year after I found the lump) and I am undergoing radiotherapy at the moment (15 treatments required - just 2 to go) and have to have hormone therapy for 5 years. I also had a worry about delays as my radiotherapy did not start until 13 weeks after my lumpectomy.

Best wishes to you all.

Pauline x

Hi ladies, know what you are going through but try not to worry (easier said than done). I had routine mammo on 1st Dec, and recalled on 15th when had core biopsy as it was suspicious. Confirmed it was BC and would get def pathology report on 31st Dec and confirm next step. Christmas was as you can expect as I just wanted the ‘alien’ out of my body. Had lumpectomy/WLE and SNB on 10th Jan together with lymph node axiallry. Just finished 3 x FEC on Wednesday. Then go onto Taxols in April and then raditotheraphy. It is hard going through this but look to the future. You can do it and there is so much support from lots of lovely ladies on this site. Adi x


The time scales you all talking about are normal.

I had to have loads of tests to check it hadn’t spread (this is cos mine’s Lobular, which took 2 weeks after the initial dx. At the time my Consultant reassured me that althought it would seem like the longest 2 weeks of my life it was nothing to worry about, there was no real rush to do anything hasty and that the timescale is set by NICE - so if they don’t meet it they don’t get paid.

I’m a bit futher ahead than you - on my 4th chemo. I asked if i could have the mx after chemo rather than the normal ‘mx then chemo’, because i was concerned about how i would cope psycologically with 1 boob during the side effects. I haven’t regretted that decision: 1 because i can actually see the lumps shrinking. 2 because i have had a few low days and just know i would have (for some reason) made it worse by dragging my self to the mirror (why do we do these things?) and 3 because now that i’m just 2 chemos from completion i can put that bit to one side and prepare myself for the next bit.

Obviously we are all different but you must be aware that you there are choices to be made.

Good luck to you all. You are at the most difficult part and we can all relate to it. You will usually find me and whole bunch of fellow warriors (all at different stages) in a thread called ‘The Dark Woods’. They are a great bunch and you might enjoy the company.

take care.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Its good to know that the time scale is about normal. I’m glad there is somewhere I can ask questions and have a rant if needed.

Jane xx