Diagnosed today anyone else got her2+

Hello I’m 37 and diagnosed today with her2 positve grade 2 breast cancer, I’m waiting for surgery before starting chemo and herceptin and I so scared as I have read her2 positve comes back once cured amd is harder to cure. Anyone else? 

A report just came out yesterday that is wonderful news for HER+ positive patients. In the last 20 years the stats for people with those kind of tumors have actually improved to the point that they have the best prognosis of all breast cancer patients. Yes, your path is harder since you’ll go through a little longer treatment and immunotherapy is no joke but herceptin has changed everything. So throw out everything you’ve read about HER+ breast tumors. It’s no longer applicable. And just in general, welcome! I hate that you’re joined our crappy club but we’re all pretty great and will definitely support you as you go down this path. 


I have been diagnosed in February (age 39) and started chemo in March and now mid august had a one side mastectomy. HER2+ ER+ PR+ and also had a mass around my lump confirmed cancerous cells HER2+.
I only found this forum now as I did not really wanted to speak about it before but now I know it is good to find people is the same shoes as no one else listens that careful and understands you as much as the ones unfortunate enough had to be through all the same.
My first question to my doctor was is it treatable? And as he said yes I did not worry about anything after that. Other wise would be long months full of worry over something not in my hands. I preferred to concentrate on getting healed and what will I do once this is all over.
As I read around HER2+ is one of the most common therefore the most treatable breast cancer so you don’t have nothing to worry about the doctors and nurses all know what they are doing.
Wish you a very quick and smooth recovery