Diagnosed today. Emotions are all over the place

Hello everyone.
I posted on here a few days ago asking about the breast clinic as I had my appointment today.

Sadly they were fairly certain it is cancer. Along with the lump they could feel, she also found an additional two during the ultrasound. She took biopsies of all of them (ouch) she said she was worried about what she was seeing and that it wasn’t normal.

I then saw the dr who advised me that from what they can see, the lumps are only in my breast and they saw nothing in my armpit where the lymph nodes are.

He said it is treatable and that I’ll be ok. I am obviously devastated and very worried about my next meeting about biopsy results.

I also feel strangely relieved that I now know what I am dealing with, and I’m not surprised either as I always expected it to be cancer. It just feels weird that it’s me who has it, if that makes sense.

I’m 38 and getting married in a year and am so scared that I won’t be better in time.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had similar results initially and what the next steps were.

I’ve been told I’ll have surgery to remove the lumps but don’t know anything else yet.

Thank you for reading all of this and I look forward to getting to know you lovely ladies more in the coming months.

Chloe x


Hello again @chloeel85

I’m sorry that the news wasn’t better and hope that it won’t be long before you get your plan . It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and relief is often part of it because knowing is better than suspecting but not knowing and then again it’s always surreal particularly when you start telling people , it can feel like you’re talking about someone else. I hope that you get your results and plan soon until then just try to take a day at a time and try to resist googling as from experience you can get misleading results . Remember that this is forum is always here for you and the helpline is open every day but Sunday if you feel you need help.

With love xx

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Thank you Joanne.
You’ve hit the nail on the head there. It does feel like I’m talking about someone else. To think I’ve got cancer is surreal to say the least.
I’m trying to stay positive, I want to keep my mind busy and not go down any dark holes.
The drs appeared optimistic so I’m holding on to that for now and taking the week off with my amazing fella to stay busy and do the things we love.
Thank you again for your kind words x


Well done Chloe for staying so calm and considered in your post. I agree with your sentiment about knowing what you are dealing with. I felt weirdly calm when I was diagnosed last autumn at 43. It is a huge shock to hear those words though and this is a lot to process. I found bringing myself back to the consultant’s words kept me calm. This is treatable and you will be ok :kissing_heart: A complicated and tricky journey though so my best advice is one day at a time. There will be loads of people here to support you. Lots of love and wishing you all the best to be able to have the most amazing wedding next year and put this craziness behind you. Xxxxxx

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…and I agree with Joanne. Try your best to stay away from Google! Xxx

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Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words.
I’m certainly trying my best to stay positive, not only for myself but for the sake of my family.
I lost my dad just shy of 4 years ago to cancer and now I feel so guilty for putting my family through this again. Seeing them upset breaks my heart.
I am so pleased I found this community and will definitely use it as an aid.
Take care :black_heart:

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I am so sorry you lost your Dad to cancer. It must be so hard to talk to family about all of this and must bring up lots of complicated emotions. It is all too common isn’t it. You can do this though :muscle: I am sure your family just want to wrap you up in love and see you through this as smoothly as possible. Sending lots of positive vibes xxxx