Diagnosed today with Invasive Ductal Cancer

Hi Everyone,
After a 3 week wait following a biopsy, I was told today that I have stage 1 IDC in my left breast. The prognosis is good - caught early (3 to 6 months), and small (6 to 8mm) so at this stage am due to have a WLE and SNB on 28 Feb followed by 3 weeks of radiotherapy and 5 years Tamoxifen as it’s ER+.
Everything’s a blur at the moment and I’m so glad my OH went with me to see the Consultant as he remembered all the info that washed over me and asked lots of questions. The strange thing is that I feel a massive sense of relief - the strain of the waiting and unknown is over and I now just want to focus on the cure.
Thank God for routine mammograms. If I hadn’t been invited for a NHS screening in January, this may not have not been picked up until it’s too late, so I am feeling pretty lucky despite the initial shock of being told the news today.

Hi Julie, welcome to the BCC forums where you will recieve lots of support and help from the many informed uers of the site

In addition, our helpliners are on hand with further support, information and a listening ear on 0808 800 6000 so please feel free to call, the lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays

The following link will take you to the ‘Just diagnosed’ secton of the website where you will find more support ideas and information which I hope you will find helpful:


Take care


Sorry Julie. got my chemo head on and pressed button too soon, my eyes are blurry haha,
Try to stay possative, it will be hard at times, but you already sound like a strong and possative lady
the people here really will help
take care


Welcome Julie, I was in excactly same situation as yourself last October/November. DCI invasive stage 1 left breast and had WLE & SNB. I’ve just finished 3 weeks radiotherapy last wednesday with tamoxifen. Like yourself mine was picked up at my first mammograph test which I was not going to attend but thank god I did. I also class myself lucky with the diagnosis but the same time it was very frightening & worrying but to be honest if I had known then how smoothly the surgery and treatment were I would not have been. One very important point = PLEASE do your excercises they give you to do following surgery =these are important for your recovery. Can I please ask what you mean when you say '‘caught early 3-6 months’ does this mean you had the DCI for that length of time as I’m curious how long mine was there but my consultant tells me not to worry & to look forward but I would like to know.
Good luck for your op on 28th Feb and I’m sure everything will go smooth, our emotions do change throughout the treatment so please do not hesitate to ask any questions you are worried about, take care

Thank you for your kind words of support sunshine lilly and Lucy. And also you Lady in Red for letting me know that you have been through something similar. Your reassurance and good advice mean so much at the beginning of this journey. It is frightening as you say, today I feel in a complete daze as though all this is happening to someone else.
Regarding your question about being caught early, I asked my Consultant how long he thought the cancer had been there pre-diagnosis and he said it is likely to have started developing 3 - 6 months ago.
Julie xx

Hi Julie

I too was where you are now, last November. Invasive ductal carcinoma, 3cm, grade 3. Had Mx 12.12.12 and snb. Three nodes removed, one with cancer in it. Hence my decision to have chemo. Told I will need rads, the anastrazole as I too was ER+ and PR+. Don’t know how long I’d had cancer, as I missed a mammogram a couple of years ago due to other health problems taking precedence. Found the lump myself end of October, went to GP in November, she referred me to breast clinic. Had mammogram, scan and biopsy on lump and one node (which told me straight away it was cancer).

Good luck for 28th, and whatever treatment plan you have afterwards.

Thank you Poemsgalore for your good wishes and sharing your experience. You have certainly been through a lot and your comments and support are invaluable. I have noticed this consistently from posts you have made on other threads as well.
Julie x

Hi Julie,
I was diagnosed with IDC stage 2 on 24.01.13, small lump 8mm, discovered about 9 months ago, visited GP who sent me away telling me it was nothing to worry about, mentioned several times over the course of last year, not detected during routine mammogram as am only 40, chest infection early Jan I mentioned it again and finally got the referral which led to diagnosis, WLE & SNB followed on 07.02, no node or vascular involvement, actual size of lump turned out to be 13mm with an area of DCIS discovered of 30mm, this was removed on 22.02 as a precaucion (ONC said you can live with precancerous cells for the rest of your life and they can amount to nothing, however since I had had a positive diagnosis he would rather they were removed…I am quite inclined to agree) …now in the waiting room again to see if we have clear margins this time, fingers well and truly crossed, if so will mean radiotherapy, reconstruction & tamoxifen (I am now abit uneven due to the amount of tissue removed), chemo has been mentioned but whether or not that will be required I’m still unsure, according to more recent discussions with BCN maybe not.
I felt like I’d been hit by an express train when I was diagnosed, but as you will no doubt hear alot, the waiting is the worst part and things seem to happen at an alarming speed (i felt like I was struggling to catch up with what was going on alot of the time) its a total rollercoaster of emotions, but once things settle abit and you have a treatment plan in place, you will feel more in charge of what’s going on…keep us posted…and shout if you need a friendly ear take care, Laura xx

Hi Julie, just read your post. Your story is pretty much like mine, except I had lobular cancer, 6mm in size. Prognosis sounds really good for you. We do need those partners there at times like this, utter disbelief when they sit there and tell you, you have cancer. My husband was really sweet, pulled something out of the bag that I never thought he had. The team at my hospital were second to none and every thing has all gone to plan, I have now nearly recovered from my surgery and am waiting for radiotherapy, and off course Tamoxifen for the next five years. I found out this week that we are entitled to an exception certificate because of the cancer, do you know about this? Take care Julie, and good luck with your treatment, From Jane XX

Hi Julie, I felt my lump on the 3was and was seen by a a consultant on the 5th. I was lucky to iWork in the NHs so I know the Breast consultants. I had my mammogram, uss and biopsy on the 5th and straight away I was told it was cancer. the biopsy showed it is an aggressive idc 4 cm so I just had mastectomy lastwednesday. I am 41 and just started planning to have a family just before I was diagnosed so it was a big shock. i was referred to fertility clinic straight away as it is one of my priorities but I’ve just been told on Thursday that I need to self fund my fertility treatment because I am on my 40’s. this have given me the biggest blow as we are not yet prepared financially for this. Anyway, good luck on your treatment, hope it all works well.

Wow Laura, Jane and Maria
Thank you so much for taking the time to post today and sharing your different, yet similar, experiences.
Laura - what a story, thank goodness for the chest infection that finally got you that referral. I do so hope your results are good, yes the waiting room is a nightmare. Will be a bonus if you don’t have to go through chemo - you may not feel the same about that, it’s very personal, but in my case it is one of the things I dread. Finding that additional DCIS just proves that we can never be sure what’s going on inside, but I agree with you it’s better to have it removed once you know it’s there. I have everything crossed for you, do let us know how you get on.
Jane - Yes I saw some of your posts before my diagnosis and thought myself that our situation is similar - routine screening, fit and healthy etc then bam! the emotional roller coaster starts! It was lovely to read that your results following surgery were good and you could finally get a good nights sleep.
I have to have a wire inserted before my op to help the surgeon find the lesion as it is small (I hope). Did you have to have this? I don’t know what you mean by an exception certificate. Can you let me have more info on that please?
My hubby has been a great support. Very anxious but has swung in to practical mode as part of his coping strategy. My mum is the issue for me - she is 81 and suffers from short term memory loss and confusion and I have taken the decision not to tell her.
Maria - everything seems to have happened so quickly for you! I am so sorry to hear about the fertility issue on top of everything else. I am sure you will find a means of support from somewhere and I wish you well with that, not to mention a full recovery.
Best wishes to you all
Julie x

Hi Julie, so glad they have caught it and you are having treatment, its a horrible time, but it does get easier, i was diagnosed in July last year and it took 2 WLE. With no clear margins :frowning: had mastectomy in no ve and expander put in, do just waiting for skin to stretch and then I will have a boob again! Xxxx

Hi Julie
Jane is referring to a Medical Exemption Certificate which means all your NHS prescriptions are free for 5 years (because you’re having treatment for cancer). Ask at GP Surgery for the form, fill It in whilst you’re there and hand back to receptionist as your GP has to certify your entitlement. Or get OH to get form for you. You’ll receive your card in the post. You may have already done this.
Do hope your surgery went well and that you’re not in too much discomfort (preferably none!). Fingers crossed that you don’t have an extended wait for the pathology/histology results and that your results are good.
Sending you positive and healing gentle squishy hugs plus a virtual cuppa what you fancy!!
Lozza xx

Hi mfdoll and Lozzarooney,
Thanks ladies for your good wishes and for clarifying about the certificate. I am just home from surgery yesterday, had wire guided WLE and SNB (3 nodes taken) and stayed in overnight as op was at 4pm. I am surprisingly comfortable, in fact need to keep remembering that I have had surgery to stop me doing too much. Have only briefly glanced at my ‘wound’, very blue from the dye and general bruising. I have to go and see my local nurse to have dressings removed in 7 - 10 days.
My surgeon told me he’ll see me in 2 - 3 weeks for the results so another long wait to endure. But I have been assured by several medical people who have seen my scans etc that the lesion is so small that I have been lucky it was even spotted on my first mammogram. So I am hoping it will all have been caught from the lumpectomy but you never know, so will be keeping an open mind.
I loved the thought of squishy hugs, and yes I’ve never drank so much strong tea - may progress to my prescription glass of merlot this evening as a celebration that surgery, for now at least, is over.
Love to all
Julie xx

Hi Julie, as your tumour was so small I am more than hopefull for you that they got it all out! I had my surgery on 19th feb waited a week for results but even though my tumour was close on 5cms they got it all along with clear margins! Great news! not so good was the 9 infected lymph nodes! So chemotherapy for me but hopefully no more surgery xx

Hi Jlr
That’s a real roller coaster you’ve been on up to now. Terrific about tissue margins and a real sod with regard to lymph nodes. But you sound quite upbeat, and I do hope the chemo side of things goes well for you.
Julie xx

Hi Julie
Do hope you had AND enjoyed your merlot! Congratulate yourself on getting this far and allow others to spoil you!
do hope you get your post op appointment soon - don’t forget to ask for a copy of your results! It’s amazing how fuzzy our brains get when trying to remember what’s been said!
more squishy hugs to you and anyone else needing them!
Lozza xx

Hi Julie,

Just read your update on your op and I’m glad it seemed to have gone well and that you aren’t having too much pain. Now you are in the waiting room, it will probably be the pits, as you will want to know what needs to happen next. It is good that medics are hopeful that lumpectomy has been successful, which will mean the minimum of treatment. Very good luck for this next stage and hope for good results for you. Sending very careful, but loving hugs your way.

PG xx