Diagnosed today with Invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2

I’ve spent the last week hoping against hope, but I saw the breast team today and it’s been confirmed. Surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy is my plan.

I have to say, I’ve been so impressed with the speed and organisation of my GP & local hospital, especially with the NHS in such a bad state.

Telling my girls was the hardest, especially as I myself can’t quite grasp the fact that I Have Cancer…

When I found the lump, I decided to name it - so ‘Desmond’ will be evicted very shortly!

Think I must try some complimentary therapy to help me relax, what does anyone else do to help??

I feel alone even with a very supportive partner, family & friends…


Hi Sue , welcome . Being diagnosed with cancer is a surprisingly lonely experience even with supportive family and friends around you . No-one can really understand how surreal it seems unless they’ve been there themselves , it’s almost like you are transported to an alternative universe !!! I was so relieved when I found this forum as other people understood how I felt and I got lots of advice and support from people going through the same thing and people a little further down the line . Lots of support here and usually someone able to answer your questions .Best wishes Jill .


also diagnosed with breast cancer waiting to have operation for Mastectomy and nymph node removal…  I have found headspace and calm apps excellent for plenty on these apps to help with relaxation.

Hi sue I got diagnosed with the same with her2+.

I hope you have had appointments now. 

I’m to have chemo and mastectomy due to it being my second I have dcis in 2019 with lumpectomies and radiotherapy.

Same im lost don’t want to keep talkingg to kids and hubby