Diagnosed today with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Mucinous Type (G2)

I received the results from my biopsy today where they confirmed it was cancer.  I was told it’s Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Mucinous Type (G2).  I’ve got an appointment to meet with the surgeon at the hospital on Friday, but was told by the doctor who gave me the results today at the breast screening centre that treatment is likely to be a lumpectomy and possibly radiotherapy.  Treatment could change once I’ve had the lumpectomy and the results from that are available.

This all feels very surreal at the moment.  Has anyone else had a similar diagnosis?

Thanks, Sam x

Hello Sam

yes that was me two years ago so totally understand how you are feeling.  Life suddenly changes and I remember doing all I could to stop my head from spinning.  There’s a whole mash of emotions.

I suggest take it step by step, stay positive and look after yourself.  Get out walking to clear your head a little and start yoga.

Wishing you all the very best for speedy treatment and a quick recovery.  I’m just back from a beautiful ski break - such a lovely feeling to do all the things I did before.

Hi! My twin sister was diagnosed today with Invasive Mammary carcinoma Mucinoid Type G1.  She had felt a large lump, 6 weeks after her mammogram.  After a biopsy (2nd mammogram and ultrasound showed nothing) she told me that it was not the lump she had felt after all. It was 10mm and was hidden in dense tissue.   Anyway, she will be talking to the dr next week.  How have you been since you posted 2 weeks ago? I have just now joined this forum to hear from others who have had the same diagnosis.  Would love to hear more from you and how things are going! 

Take care!


hi sam, very late to this place but have same, except HER 0.

how are you getting on?

Hi Sofabound!

Just checking in to see how things are going for you since your surgery. My sister’s surgery was May 18th, and she started 4 weeks of radiation last week.  The oncologist told her that the results of the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrance score was rather unusual, and that he had only seen 2 other results like hers during all his years of practice.  I was terrified until he said that it was a good thing!  He said that her Overall Recurrence Score was 0.  Then he said if she does take hormone therapy (5 years) that her long term recurrance would be 3%.  He said if she has bad side effects from the hormone therapy, she could decide not to continue because if she doesn’t take the hormones for 5 years, her long term recurrence only increases to 5%.  When she talked with the Radiation Oncologist, she said that in her years of practice, that she had never seen an Oncotype DX recurrence score come back so low.  We are so excited! She is going to start the hormone therapy and see how things go, but she  may decided to stop taking it if the side effects bother her a lot, since a 95% of no recurrence is really good!!   The radiation isn’t bothering her very much. After the first week she said she was a little tired on the weekend, but thought it could be her imagination because she was supposed to be tired after having it!  She just started her 2nd week yesterday, so is hoping that this week and the last 2 weeks will go quickly.  Her RA has flared up some since she was off the Enbrel and other med that she is on for RA for quite a while (she didn’t go back on it when they changed her surgery for a month later), but she just started back and is already in less pain than she had been.   Please let me know how you are doing too!   I’m just so relieved that things are going so well for my twin.  ?  :heart: 

Hi, am new here. I recently have had a diagnosis for invasive ductal carcinoma and also dcis . I saw a consultant last week who suggested I would either have Wide local excision or mastectomy. I am still in shock and yet have toake up my mind soon on what option to have. I have an appointment to see the surgeon this week to discuss my decision. Any advise ans useful questions to ask would really be appreciated. Has anyone here had the same dilemma

Hi Wasaj! I’m so sorry you find yourself here but you do have plenty of company. So much so that I think many of us have been in your position. Some of the questions to ask are…

  1. What is the grade of your tumor

  2. What hormones are you positive for if any

  3. What is the intensity of the hormones (if you ask for the allred score that should answer that question)

  4. How much are they looking at removing for the lumpectomy? And how would your breast look afterwards?

  5. What do you nodes and LVI status look like as of right now?

Those questions are off the top of my head and can give you an idea of what treatment to expect and which surgery would be best. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. We all understand how overwhelmed you are right now.

Welcome to the forum . If you are able to take someone else with you to the appointment to listen to what is said I’ve found that helps , it’s very hard to take in what they are saying when you are anxious or upset , also maybe ask about contact details of who you can call if you have further questions / worries after the appointment .

Thank you Kay and 

Thanks Jill x