Diagnosed today

Hallo forum readers
Have anyone some advise if you are in a mess like me?

Sorry, can’t help you, l think perhaps we are all in the same situation, with regards to trying to get our brain in gear!
At least you are not alone!!!

Still reeling from my diagnosis last week. Awaiting surgery week beginning 26th April as surgeon is on holiday. That’s life.I can empathise with frogget who just wants it out. Have to go back to work next week. That will be hard as I will need to tell people that I will be off next week. I’ll have to do some real positive thinking exercises to toughen up before then.

Good luck tpo all



I was diagnosed yesterday too and can’t quite believe it yet. I waited two weeks for the results and told a few of my friends, my husband and my auntie. They were all wonderful but I found it really hard telling them the news yesterday. Every one of them asked me a different list of questions and had a different response. I know I’m really lucky to have them all but it’s hard looking them in the eye or talking to them at the moment. The phone seems to never stop ringing and I just want to hide away from it all.

I can’t quite believe this is happening to me it never occurred to me that I might have BC. It seems very strange, I feel fine but apparently I’m not and I’m having trouble getting my head around it at the moment.

I didn’t go to work today but stayed at home with my husband and two boys but it’s hard being here with them, at first I want to cry and then life feels normal and I forget for the briefest of moments and it seems like a bad dream.

Sorry I’ve rambled on…

Good luck everyone and thank you for being there.


Hi Joxx
So many new ladies diagnosed, so very hard to come to terms with it isn’t it.
It is always very difficult telling people, l usually end up in tears in their arms! but that is what gets me through, and whatever you find the best way to cope, then that is the way you go! I found it hard to look people in their eyes, not sure if it is because l don’t want to see the shock, horror on their faces, or does it make it more real, bit like confronting your fears!
I think most of us would agree that it is the waiting that is so awful, you just want to get treated asap, you will get through it, as l have been told many, many times…one step at a time…which is so very hard to do. But you have found this site, and it will become your bestfriend, there is always someone to answer your questions, a helpline for when you need a one to one, and so much more.
Hope you get lots of support from those you have told, and that your husband and two boys help you take your mind off this nightmare, even if it is for a brief moment, it all helps.
Sandra xxx

I’m sorry you have had to join us here. The only thing I can say is it takes time to let it all sink in, once you have your treatment plan it will give you something to focus on, but the hardest part is the constant waiting for each stage.

Make use of this forum as the women on here have been through it and give great advice.

Paula x

Hi Lou - I am so sorry to hear your news. I read your posting with a heavy heart - reminded me of when I was diagnosed back in August. The treatment ahead feels long and arduous - but I have made it - with a lot of invaluable support from forums such as this.

I have a blog which you might find supportive - goggle redshoesgreenpeppers - for a journal of my journey.

Best wishes and good luck - Paula x

Hi & welcome to the forum which really is a lifeline! Diagnosed just over two months ago, it’s really like living in a parallel universe, life carries on seemingly the same around you yet the turmoil when confronted with BC shakes everyone to the core and brings a very surreal state of mind with it.
Telling family&friends is a hard task, I still see the look on my boys faces of disbelief but they pretty quickly got on with it, kids are amazingly resilient. Also got to a point when I wanted to switch the phone off, really tired of going over and over the same story again when the news had not sunk into my head properly yet. I still can’t remember how I was told about the BC, the appointment is blank in my head.
I went by myself and lesson number learnt from that for me was, always take someone with you to go over things again later, “Brain Fog” descends very quickly for me when sat in the docs office.
Prepare yourself for a lot of waiting, once you get started on this “journey” it does get easier and there , sort of for me anyhow, is an end in sight! I feel here I can be myself, no one tires of hearing about BC and has so much valuable support and advice.
I feel I have joined a club I never wanted to be in but have never so far met so many inspirational women with strengths and courage. You will face many challenges but when you look here you see they can be overcome, it’s not easy but it can be done! Sending you warm hugsxxxxTina

Hi Lou,

Sorry that you find yourself here, but it is a great site for support.

I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago, and am now on the slow road to recovery, i am day 17 after surgery, awaiting my full results.
I know i have to have chemo and radiotherapy, but i can honestly say if it hadnt been for the breast care nurses and this site, i dont thing i would have felt as positive as i do.

I feel if you can stay as positive as you can, (not always that easy, i know,) and dont think to far in advance, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope all goes well for you on Monday, stay strong.

Sandrae x x x

Hi all im a 49 year old female soon to be celebrating my 50th i have been diagnosed with BC. I had surgery a few years ago under my armpit and was told i would never have anymore trouble with it well i got a lump under my arm and went to see my doctor and asked him to refer me back to the plastic surgeon to check the lump. I was a little shocked when he told me he was going to refer me to the Breast Clinic both me and my husband thought erm why Breast clinic i never knew that your breasr tissue can go under the armpit. I got my letter to go to Breast clinic was like a family outing mum dad and husband came with me albeit mum and dad stayed in the car and waited, so off we went hubby n i to find out patients we sat and waited till my name was called in we went to see the consultant whom i thought was a technician as he had his white coat on. The consultant asked me to show him the lump that was under my are after much fiddling about and some humming and ahhing sorry if mispelt he said to me sandra have you noticed your nipple is indented erm No came back the reply… He had a few more feels and asked nurse to bring in ultrasound machine he had found a lump in my Breast next came out the needle and he extracted some fluid he also checked the lump under my arm next thing i remember was being given a form and sent off to get a mammogram was asked to come back to see the consultant in about an hour, we returned to see consultant and was told that the cells came back a 3 and the mamo a 5 i knew it was bad with the expression on consultants face. He told my husband and i we would have results back in a week or so it was easter bank holidays so my results took a little longer to come back. I eventually got a call from Breast care nurse to say results where in and was it ok for her to come visit it was the 9TH April, i told husband it was bad news he said no its all ok when nurse gave me the bad news husband and i was in total shock nurse gave us a few mins before she carried on with the results. I was to go see my consultant to discuss my options and yesterday i was advised it would be safer for me to have a mastectomy with reconstructive surgery later on but firstly i have to go into hospital on 28th April to have some ivestigatory surgery under my arm. I feel like my life has come to some sort of stand still my family have been very supportive but like a previous poster has said telling your children you have cancer is 1 of the hardest things in my life i have ever had to tell them we all had a cry and a group hug both of them have been asking am i going to be ok!!! My answer was i dont know all we can do is hope and pray it has been caught early enough and god willing i will pull through this as im a very strong willed person.

Sorry for rambling on and on .
Thanks for reading
Sandra xxx

Hi Lou, Gill and Joxx (hope I got that right!)
So sorry to hear of all your recent diagnoses, but welcome to the forum and please keep posting. Everybody here is very helpful.
‘Surreal’ is exactly how I felt, as if I had slipped into another universe. I don’t even remember feeling sad, just completely shocked and dazed.
I am fine over six year’s after treatment, and there are many here with even longer track records than mine.
Best wishes to you all