Diagnosed Today :(

Evening everyone,

Just joined the club no-one wants to be in. The doctor didn’t tell me much other than options - chemo/surgery or surgery/chemo. Another doctor has ordered CT and MRI scans as have a dull ache in my left arm. Feeling very shocked (although I knew really I had it) and a bit numb. Scan appt up,to 3 weeks wait and then a plan.

Love and hugs x x

Dear Jackie
So sorry that you have to join the club, but there are some truly fantastic ladies on here who will be able to give you info, advice, and a friendly ear which will help when no one else really understands what you are going through, sending you a massive hug x yvie

So sorry you’ve had this diagnosis…I found the waiting between diagnosis, then the lumpectomy, then seeing the consultant for the result from the path lab very hard, the days drag so.  Try to fill your time, not just with work but watching a fun film (Mamma Mia works for me) or having coffee with friends. I felt very numb when I was told, then a couple of days ago I suddenly had an awful crying jag, I think I howled for most of the afternoon:smileyembarrassed:but I’m ok again now, so don’t panic if you suddenly get very weepy.  I hope all goes really well for you.

Hi Jackie,

Just read your post regarding needle phobia, believe you me I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’m over half way through my treatment, I’ve had surgery and have my last chemo on Friday this week. I’ll be having rads then tamoxifen for possibly 10 years. I hate needles , can’t look at them and the thought just turns my stomach and makes me cry BUT I’ve got through chemo using a cannula each time. My chemo nurse is used to me now and knows just to get on with it without me looking etc. Looking back I think I’d have been better with a PICC as once this is inserted into your upper arm the chemo is given via the PICC and I believe they can also take bloods from it. The down side is that the PICC needs to be flushed regular and kept dry at all times so soaking in a bath may be a challenge. It might be worth discussing your fears with your oncologist.

Good luck with your treatment, stay positive as you will get through this horrible ‘blip’ in your long life.

Tracy XXX

Hi I am going to see the oncologist today to discuss chemo before surgery. I don’t like needles either but after having a local biopsy I don’t think any needle can be as bad! I don’t look and very often it is all over and they are saying “press here” without me knowing it is over!