diagnosed today

feeling lost i really do not understand all the abreviations i have been told i have a grade 3 ER- 17mm ? lymph gland involvement ,can anyone explain this to me, what triple neg mean ?any help greatly recieved


Triple negative means that your cancer won’t respond to hormone treatment or herceptin. You still have treatment options though. Grade 3 means that the cancer is very different to normal cells. It has spread to your y,ph nodes, which again doesn’t mean they can treat you. There is a good guide on understanding your pathology report on the website that you may find helpful. Do make a list of any questions you have and take it with you to your next appointment and make sure you get enough information to understand what your options are. Thinking of you. It’s a worrying time, but hopefully you will get a plan in place soon.

Hi mad4cavs were you given a number for your breast care nurse? You might consider meeting her for a cuppa to talk it all through with her. Its hard to understand it all at once. All sounds treatable and I’m sure they have a solid plan for you xx