Diagnosed today

Not actually sure what to feel. Totally numb 

Bartwoman ?so sorry you find yourself on here. Please use the someone like me option and the number at the top if you need to speak to anyone. We are all here on the threads ? so please ask away when you want to. It is like an out of body experience and it’s like you are looking down on it happening but you are not really there. Please keep off google. Take each treatment phase at a time, trying to process everything can be a bit much all in one go. Have you been given treatment plan? You should have been allocated a breast cancer nurse at your trust too, they are there to speak to with any questions you may have too. There will be others along soon to send you ?:heart:Too. We are here when you might need us. ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Bartwoman, sorry you find yourself here. Feeling numb and surreal and a whole other myriad of emotions is completely normal after diagnosis.  It’s like being psychologically hit by a truck.  I was diagnosed stage 3 locally advanced including 9/12 lymph nodes in March 2017 and after treatment I’m still here to tell the tale.  Do you have a treatment plan in place yet or are you still waiting for scan results?  It’s a very anxious time and we know how you feel so feel free to vent here away from your loved ones.  Once your treatment plan is in place you can chat with others going through the same on the “going through treatment” threads on this forum.  I found it really helpful and still keep in contact with my chemo buddies (Shi being one of them).  Sending hugs. ? x