Diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days ago

Hello…im peter from Essex.
I got this news on tuesday morning…
Im 54 years of age…My mum got diagnosed with breast cancer at the same age as me.
She sadley passed away 3 years later.
It was in 1985 and ive never really gotten over losing this beautiful lady…But most of ya"s know how that feels eh.
I had a mamagram and ultrasound 6 days before xmas THEN the next day i had the Biopsy.
In one way us lovely people are very lucky the Biopsy was done SOO quickly…In my mums days she waited ages just for the Biopsy…SO…theres HOPE yes?
Anyway…id just like to wish any ladies and men who have This cancer Love and Hope…Thanks for reading this…love…peter k

Hi Peter,

Welcome tothe Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site. Although this site is predominantly women we do have some men who post here who have experience of breast cancer and I hope they also will be along soon to support you. You might find it helpful to post in the forum ‘men diagnosed with breast cancer’. I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication for men which I hope you find helpful. Our helpline team are only a free phone call away for that added support and more information, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon - Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2


Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Evening Peter, welcome to the forums although sorry you had to join us. So sorry you lost your mum to this awful disease, is there hope? Without any shadow of a doubt. You’re right, things have moved on so much and the treatment for bc is excellent. Have you a full disgnosis yet or a treatment plan in place? I finished treatment (surgery, chemo, radio) in September and now on tamoxifen, there is light at the end of the tunnel, although I know you probably can’t see it yet, you will get through this and we will help.
keep posting
take care
Lydia x

Hi Peter, sorry you find yourself here.

I also lost my mum to breast cancer (bc) and was diagnosed myself two years ago. Medicine has moved on an awfully long way since our mothers went through treatment. My mum had a mastectomy (mx) but had a recurrence 8 years later. I was told she wouldn’t have had a recurrence had her mx been done after that 8 years because they understood so much more about lymph. Also, they didn’t have any other cancer blockers than tamoxifen although we now know that not all bc is triggered by hormones nd have things like herceptin and many new and more effective chemotherapy regimes and - importantly - better treatmethrow the side effects to allow people to tolerate and succeed in getting through these so that they can do their worst on this lousy disease.

This is a survivable illness. It is not always easy to get through treatment, but many of us come through treatment and get on with our lives. Many more than would have been the case a generation ago.

Some of those who are fine, like myself, don’t come onto the forums too much. so don’t worry if what you see is people who may be mid treatment of worried, and assume that life does not move on. It does, I have a scar or two more, it otherwise wouldn’t say that I feel any different - other than maybe more appreciative that I am lucky to have come through and a greater determination to live life and enjoy it.

If there is anything we can to help, or anything which is different or unfamiliar in treatment that we can help you with, don’t hesitate to say. I am always impressed with the knowledge which is on here and the resilience and compassion of everyone to other people treading this path with us.
Good luck with treatment,

Oops double posted!

Thank you everyone…They said i will have the operation in about a months time. xx

Good luck Peter. Let us know how you get on.

Yes I think mine took about a month, it feels scary waiting once you know and it seemed like forever but it will pass and soon you’ll have it behind you. I didn’t find the op itself too bad, let us know hoe you get on, got everything crossed for you!

good luck peter stay positive xx

Hi Peter

I too have been recently diagnosed. I went for my very first routine mammogram and that is how they found it. I was asked back to the BC Clinic on 19.12.12 and then my results were confirmed on 21.12.12.
I then went to see my surgeon on 31.12.12, so all that happened really quick. I am going to the hospital tomorrow for a Sentinel Node Injection and on Tuesday 15.01.13 I will be having a Lumpectomy and 2 of my Lymph Nodes removed for testing.
It took me weeks to come to terms with it, but I now feel that I am definitely going to beat this.
I am 53 Years Old.
I hope everything goes well for you and will look out for your posts on the forum. I have found this to be very helpful as I felt so isolated at first.
Janis x

Good luck Peter, I was diagnosed just before xmas and am having a lumpectomy on wednesday 16th Jan. I had a call back from a mammogram had further mammo ultrasound and biopsy also had MRI, it does take a while before you start coming to terms with it, all i think about at the moment is cancer it’s really starting to rule my life. I wish you well and will look out for your posts and udates
Janis59 Good Luck for the 15th hope it all goes well for you, please keep us updated with your progress.
I have found the site so helpful and the people friendly and reassuring
Lyn xx

Good luck,Peter hope all goes well with your op.
i was due my lumpectomy and ANC on thurs 10th jan but due tso chest infection and being the “colour of porridge” this is now postponed, as I had pneumonia last year so I guess they’re not taking any chances. New appointment at clinic on 25th and hopefully will be given a new date then. Everything happens for a reason-I wasn’t mentally ready for surgery on thurs so I think my body gave physical symptoms to allow my head time to get round this.

Hi Peter
Just wanted to wish you well for your surgery and any other treatment you may have as follow up. Are you having a sentinal node biopsy? If so, hope they are all clear. I had three removed and only one had cancer cells in it, so I’m waiting to start chemo soon.
pg xxx

Thanx everyone for your kind words and im praying for each and every one of ya"s xxx

Ive been out of hospital for 1 week now…I never had any pain after the op and my fluid drain was removed last friday.
All im waiting for now,is the results …Got my results appointments on the 27th…

Love to you all xxxxxxx

yes poemsgalore…it was done when i was aleep