Diagnosed with breast cancer so scared!

I’m new to all this, u just got diagnosed eith invasive carcinoma Bc. Stage 2 I’m so scared, I have two children and don’t know what I expect. Please any advice would be great. ?

Dear Ellie,


So sorry you have had to find your way here but you have come to a good place. You will receive lots of support here from people who have gone or are going through the same thing. The first days and weeks after the initial diagnosis are the worst when you are not sure what is going to happen and your imagination runs riot.


I assume from what you say that you don’t have a treatment plan yet? Once you do things will start to seem more manageable. 


Do you have any more appointments lined up? Have you had a breast cancer specialist nurse assigned yet? 


I was stage two and finished active treatment almost two years ago. When I was first diagnosed I thought my life would change forever or I’d not survive. Here I am and enjoying life more than ever. This illness gives you a whole different perspective on things.


There will be lots more people along to welcome you and give you advice soon but the one thing we always say is try not to Google as you will only frighten yourself. There is a lot of info out there but much of it won’t apply to your situation or will now be well out of date. Reseach and treatments for BC are changing and improving all the time.


Do stick around here as you will find it a great comfort.


Look after yourself. You are going to get through this.


Ruth xx

Hi Ellie
Sorry to hear you have just been diagnosed. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in August 2017 and was so scared just like you. I needn’t have been as everything has gone so smoothly. I initially went for an MRI scan as I didn’t have a lump and it was hard to find. I then had wires inserted on the day of my lumpectomy operation to guide the consultant as to where it was. I was dreading having the wires put in but can honestly say I didn’t feel any discomfort. After the lumpectomy they sent off my cells for an oncotype dx test to see whether chemotherapy would benefit me. I got a score of 13 so was pleased I didn’t need chemetherapy, anything above I think 22, and chemetherapy would have been advisable. I then went on to have 15 radiotherapy sessions and my last one was on 14/12/17. I am feeling absolutely fine now and feeling less and less tired each day. Please don’t be scared you will get through this mine was stage 2 like you and I know how your feeling right now. I’m not going to say stay strong and be positive as these were the two things that really used to get to me when people said it when I was first diagnosed. What I will say is you will get through this and move on even though its really scary right now. Forgot to mention I am also on tamoxifen for 5 years and have been since October, no problems so far with it. Take care and look after yourself.
Sandy xxxxxx

Thanks Ruth for you reply. Just spent the whole day through appointments, got some god news today lymph nodes biopsy came back negative, so I will have surgery first mastectomy both Breasts and then chemo but I feel a little better today knowing my treatment plan. Thanks again for your kind reply ?

Wow Sandy thanks for your story, really
Makes me feel so much better.
So happy for your results. I feel a little more confident today than I did yesturday.
Got my lymph nodes biopsy results today, Negative
So feel a little relieved. Surgery will be soon probably next week everything moving so fast… thanks again.
Will update soon???

Also have been through a lot, I lost my mom in September of 2017 and my dad in December 2017 so it’s been really hard for me to handle this basically all at once… but I have to kids and an awesome husband, and my sister is so amazing and of course the lord that is guiding me day by day to get
Through this journey…

That’s an awful lot to deal with Ellie it’s good you’ve got a supportive family around you. Brilliant news about your lymph node biopsy! Keep your chin up and take each day and stage one step at a time, you will get through this and good luck with your surgery, take care Sandy xxxx

Hi Ellie 

like you I have just been diagnosed with stage 2 BC 

had all the screening - mamogram and biopsy only last Tuesday and got the results Friday.

was expecting they would say it was BC I knew when I left from what they said " suspicions- concern " wasn’t surprised.

was actually quite emotionally in control until yesterday ! 

Have got numerous other health issues including ME and facial pain have been suffering from these 29years.

im off work as I am a therapist and I therefore need to be focussed and well and not so up and down mood why - I loved my job  

my surgery date is 8th Feb - but have a hold folder of letters for scans - planning meetings etc 

i am a complete wreck at the moment - have a sense of dread all the time 

haven’t been sleeping - but this is because stopped HRT and sweating 

feel sick all the time 

i do have 5 friends have been through this and are all well and recovered 

three of them had stage 3 - 

4 of them 5Yrs plus and clear 

so we should be encouraged 

but like you I am so so scared 


HI Ellie9 & BizzyLizzie

I was diagnosed with invasive ductual BC in November 2017, grade 2 stage 2, large lump, clear nodes. Like you I was scared, couldn’t sleep let alone eat. I received a lot of support from the BC nurse and my consultant was easy to talk to and answered my questions. Once I received my treatment plan I felt much calmer as i had a clearer picture of my options and outcomes. I  had surgery in Dec and decided to have a mx due to the size and area of the lump and am recovering well. My post op appointment confirmed the cancer has been removed. I’m not yet sure whether i will have reconstruct. My oncotype DX test score was 22 but my radiologist has said that I do not need chemo but I will be having radiotherapy followed by hormone therapy.


It will take time to comes to terms with your diagnosis. At first everything will seem hazy and there will be numerous appointments as the MDT will want the best outcomes for you.  There is a lot of support on this forum and this has really helped me to make sense of this disease. Ask your bcn and surgeon as many questions as you like, even if you feel a nuisance.


In time you will begin to feel stronger. Surround yourself with positive people, you will get through this. I wish you the very best throughout your journey xx


Hi Bizzy Lisy, so sorry you are going through all this,
But we have to be positive and strong we will get through this. Pray, pray,
Pray god is with us, good luck to you with your surgery. I’m scared also, but positive
Thoughts ???

Thanks for your story, northern gal, all this helps me so much to know that other people are
Going through this. :heart::heart::heart:

Hi Sandy
I am similar to your experience as im just diagnosed ILC and surgery planned for the 8th.
At this stage the plan is radiotherapy and meds but as we all know this can change.
My partner and I have a 3 week trip abroad planned for early June
Given your similar history would you say you would have felt capable of a long air flight 4 months after surgery.?
My consultant thinks I will be fine but thought I would ask your opinion as you have recently experiencediscovered this process.
Thanks x

Hi I am new to this as well diognosed November stage 2 on hormone treatment go back February 19th to see if it has shrunk at all I am like you very frightened please let me know how you get on or just to chat .Anita xxx