Diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi, got diagnosed yesterday with mucinous breast cancer, in shock and worried, have been offered lumpectomy or mastectomy need some advice on best option leaning toward mastectomy.

Hi Suzanne14

i too have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and was given the option of a lumpectomy and radiotherapy or a mastectomy and chemotherapy because it was her2+. I don’t think anyone can make the decision for you but I can tell you my decision and reasoning if that helps. I have decided on a mastectomy because in my mind even though I was advised the outcome would probably be the same, I wanted to try and remove anything and everything I possibly could. It is such a terrifying time and I was talking to a lady last night telling her before diagnosis I thought breast was breast cancer and didn’t realise about the receptors. I hope you make the right choice for you and take care xx

Dear Suzanne,

firstly welcome to the forum, although I am sure you never wanted to be here, but I hope you will find support from all the lovely ladies, which I did. 

Next…breathe…take your time.  You’ve got this.  Take time to think about what is best for you, and what you feel you can cope with.  Ask lots of questions from your team, the surgeons, the breast care nurses.  Ultimately it is your decision, but we will be here to support you whatever you decide. 

Just getting your head around diagnosis can be challenging,  and I am sure that you will find the next few weeks a whirlwind, so take care of yourself, eat well, and rally all the support that you can from friends and family. 

Do let us know how you get on, and feel free to come back and ask questions, as you learn more about the future plan for yourself.  It becomes an education in itself, learning all the terminology etc. 

Big hugs x 

I was diagnosed today… well told extremely likely “ you knew when you came in… didn’t you”

I wish I had answers for you… I’ve been told to only read this website x