Diagnosed with breast cancer

I have diagnosed with breast and soon Dr will start chemotherapy. I need suggestions from all of you,

I am living alone with my 5year son. I just want to know can I be able to come home after first chemo alone and do all my daily task  

Hello sorry I can’t answer that as not sure how it will make u feel but hoping you will get through ok at this tough time for you both xxx vic xxx

Hi erunmawan

Sorry you find yourself here, however this forum has been a great support for many of us. 

Probably easier if you posted in the chemotherapy section. There will be plenty of people who can help with your questions. 

Take one day at a time, try and ask family and friends to help, it’s amazing how much your loved ones will want to help you. 

Lots of love ? 

Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer last June and I too have a 5 year old. I must admit he and my husband have got me through it.

You feel crap for the 1st week after chemo but every day I still got up and took him to school. It gives you a purpose and a bit of normality in the crazy world of chemo. Just make sure you rest when he’s not around.

Good luck with everything X 

I found first few days after chemotherapy I felt well and quite energized, this because of the steroids. Once their dose was lowered I started feeling the fatigue getting worse every day and would need to take a nap in the afternoon.