Diagnosed. With DCIS and need a mastectomy

Nearly 4 weeks ago my life was turned upsize down. Since I turned 40 (I am 46) I have annual mammogram due to a slight increased risk of BC as mum had BC at 49 (34 years ago). Last year them found a cyst but all was ok. So this time when I got a call from my gp telling me them found areas of calcifications on my right breast I didn’t worry too much it would be something of nothing I thought. After more mammograms, ultra sounds,stereo static core biopsy , lumpectomy , I have been diagnosed with high grade DCIS. Unfortunately it is extensive and cannot get clear margins from the lumpectomy so my only option now is to have a mastectomy . I have opted to have immediate reconstruction . I am a candidate for either reconstructions with

  1. Implants with mesh
  2. Tissue from stomach as implant .

Really looking for some advice of anyone out there has either type of reconstruction . I just want to make a decision and move it with it. Which reconstruction did you opt , what was your outcome?

Any comments or advice would be great

Hi Shortbread2

Welcome to the forum.  I’m sure other members will soon be along to offer you some support.

I thought you might also be interested in our “Someone like me”  service.  They could put you in touch with specially trained volunteers who have had each procedure and would be happy to share their experience.  I’ve attached a link for more information:


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Hello, I was diagnosed with DCIS 3 weeks ago and had my mastectomy to right breast with immediate reconstruction using an implant on 13 October. Two weeks on I am able to do most things e.g. Cook, load dish washer, wash myself, carry light objects. I have to say I still have one drainage bottle in which will hopefully be removed this week. Even though I am able to do most things, I am doing them much more slowly and carefully due to the drainage bottle and still being a bit sore. Hope to go back to works in two or three weeks. I did not have the choice of using fat from another part of my body to create a new breast. All in all I am pleased with my implant and in fact feel it is less likely to be affected by me losing or putting on weight. Of course the advantage of using a part of your own body to reconstruct is that it is more natural and you are less likely to have your body reject it. I would say, keep researching and get as much advice from your consultant and this forum as you can. The very best of luck to you and whichever option you choose. Lastly, post-mastectomy, please, please, please listen to your body - if you need pain relief ask for it, if you start to do something like lift something or you try and make a cup of tea and find you’re still too sore, then say so and get help. If you need help at home, ask for it from family, friends, neighbours etc. I have found everyone is really happy to help. Take care and I hope you are given the time to recover in your own time.

Hi I was diagnosed with 5cm of high grade dcis and was told only option for me on nhs was LD with implant, I had read about the mesh but had to go private to get this in my area. Luckily had insurance so that was my choice. 8 months on and 2 months post uplift to good boob and fat transfer to dent in false boob, doing ok. It still feels alien at times a constant awareness that it is there but the constricting tightness post op has eased, the swelling took a long time to go so it takes a good few months before yo can see how it will finally look. I had to have my nipple removed and will be having a tattoo in February as cannot face any more surgery - I found that swelling increased if did too much in the first 6 weeks and was told by surgeon not to hoover for 12 weeks or to do any upper body exercise that engaged the muscle. I worked from home 4 weeks in and went back full time 7 weeks after op. I am pleased with the results especially since my symmetry uplift and though the fat transfer was very painful I am pleased that most of the massive dent has been filled in and I look less like a shark has bitten me! It is definitely a quicker op to recover from but you are still losing a breast, and the replacement is a breast shape not a breast. On the upside it is incredibly perky!

One year ago had implant and mesh. Really pleased. Only one scar to heal, and post operative swelling was bad for me so pleased only one body part affected.
just got back from school camp and did all activities including climbing and archery, which could not do if back or tummy cut. Fab time

Yvie I’m interested to hear about your good boob uplift. I had mastectomy with implant and mesh in September. Still waiting for swelling to go completely but looks too perky to me and my other boob very droopy but comparison! My surgeon said she can sort if out later if I want to. How was that op, how long did you wait, what’s the scar like etc???

One year on scar pale brown, still being oiled, down side of boob. I was symmetrical before op nd quite perky, with nipole sparing surgery looks ok now. Took four months for swelling to go down, skin swollen. Could go topless ob
n beach, but nipple lifeless.

Helen by the sea

Spoke to my surgeon today and she said we’d have to wait post radio which is April time. Hopefully new boob will drop a bit. She talked about implant in good boob or the sort of thing you’ve said. Don’t think I can be bothered about nipple positioning as I’ve lost the other through masectomy.

Helen by the sea, I could never go topless again even walking from bathroom to bedroom! Too much of a wonky donkey and nipple less !!

Yes i have been lucky, i was quite small, not too droopy, and was very symmetrical. Also fortunate to have wound down side of boob cos of where bc was, so was able to keep a nipple, lifeless but mine

Oh the things we discuss with ladies we’ve never met !!! I hate tattoos but a nipple is a bit different, is that the height of vanity, and how much does it hurt? What’s nipple sharing? I’m quite happy without nipples, they’re such a pain in t-shirts!!

Yes absolutely normal

Thank you Yvie for sharing your recovery, I am one of those people who like to know in advance what I am facing and this has really helped

It’s good to know that this surreal out of body experience is natural,

Val it looks like you and I will be having our ops about the same time, I am also booked for jan, although have a lymph node biopsy this week. Talked with my husband about Xmas we have decided to go skiing last minute to take our minds off things, now I know what to expect from recovery really glad we have decided to do this

Enjoy the skiing, we went to Harrogate for the weekend before my op. Fabulous time…but the surreal ness goes with you!
just fab to have couple time and no family

Hi shortbread

Glad to hear things are on a positive trend for you, and that you were able to reach a decision on your reconstruction, been investigating this myself and it seems very confusing, hopefully all will get clearer as I get closer to my op.

I completely relate to you changing emotion, I too keep swinging between feeling lucky that the prognosis is so good, to then burst into tears at other times when it seems such a lot to take in.

Sending you good and positive vibes for 13th.

Hi, I am 16 days post mastectomy, implant and reduction to other boob. It is surreal. I was so scared and angry that I had to go through the surgery for DCIS that might never have become invasive. However, I know I made the right decision as I would have continued to be scared if I had followed the watch and monitor approach. The surgery wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and I am a real wimp. My daughters cannot believe how well I look and how little pain I have encountered. I have discomfort and and it has been frustrating to have limited mobility but it’s only day 16 and I am finding every day I can do a bit more. I could only have an implant because of my BMI being too high. I am relatively pleased with it so far. I feel like a teenager again with two pert breasts. The reduction is lovely but is different to the implant boob but looks fine in a bra. I am sure once swelling and bruising go down they will look even better. I am now approx a 40dd which should become smaller, I was 42j.