Diagnosed with grade 3 Breast Cancer

I am in shock, what next. 

Annie1979 Sorry you find yourself on here, glad you have reached out to Breast Cancer Now :two_women_holding_hands: we are all here, so ask away and please do ring the number at the top and speak to the nurses. The shock of getting diagnosed can leave you reeling, but day by day and step by step you will find your way that suits you and you do what’s right for you each step of the way. Remember your team have seen it all before and will safely guide you through. If you can remember which type of bc you have been diagnosed with, others on here will :two_women_holding_hands: and help. It can be such a blur initially, and appointments start happening so fast it’s like you have been sucked up into a vortex and looking down at yourself pre diagnosis. You will find your way, use Breast Cancer Now as much or as little as you need us An inspirational story is strawberry blondes mountain lion in hope and inspiration Has helped a lot of us over the years Now be kind to yourself and do everything your way, whatever you need to do to get through There are no right or wrongs just put yourself first :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi, mine was regraded from 1 to 3 after my lumpectomy. The shock was horrendous as all through they’d been saying grade 1 . They talked about chemo and said they’d send it off for oncotype testing . After a horrendous 6 week wait my score came in at 18 so no chemo needed after all . I’m waiting for radiotherapy to start now , had the tattoos yesterday. So please try not to worry too much and stay off google . I made that mistake and it really didn’t help . Have you had a treatment plan yet ? Xx