Diagnosed with IDC grade II

Hello everyone,
I am 33 years old and I have been diagnosed with IDC grade II. I have had surgery to remove the affected tissue and lump and I have had the lymph nodes tested and it has not spread to them.
I will have chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy and the chemo is due to start on Saturday.
I am a Brit but I live in Egypt as I am married to an Egyptian and I am having my treatment here. I have a 7 month old.
It is all a bit overwhelming at times but I am trying to stay positive because when I look at my daughter I know who I am fighting for.
I just wanted to introduce myself and look for people who are/have been going through the same thing as me.

Hi Pollyt79,
T he people on here are fantastically helpful.
are you on Facebook? I am a member of a private group called younger breast cancer network. ISits a place where younger ladies can chat in private about their treatment and ups and downs. There a quite a few ladies with v young children too. All you have to do is send them a private message with your details age etc. I think you would benefit loads from this.
A.j. X

Hi Pollyt79. we have a group on this site for people who are starting chemo in August, there are quite a few of us on this who are youngish. They are a great bunch of people we plan to get through this journey together so come and join us. look for the thread anyone starting chemo in August. I can also recommend the Facebook page that a.j has mentioned. All the best for your chemo tomorrow xx