Diagnosed with invasive breast cancer on Friday

Where do I start all happening so quickly. I found a lump on 1/3 which was quite tender and after scans and biopsy confirmed as dcis and invasive duct grade 3 Hera positive. The consultant is confident it is localised to the breast.  I’m having a mastectomy on 15/4 followed by chemotherapy but my emotions are all over the place. I’ve got aches and pains all over which is playing havoc with my imagination I’m hoping it is down to low vitamin D and menopause I’m 48 and was on hrt prior to being diagnosed so have stopped that. Any advice would be most appreciated xx

Hi suewom- I am really sorry that you’ve had a BC diagnosis, but very glad that you have found this lovely forum and I hope you will find lots of advice and support. I’d like to start by giving you a big hug and a warm welcome.

I am quite sure you feel as if you have just been hit by a big truck that came out of nowhere, I know I did when I was diagnosed. And it’s not surprising that your mind and emotions are all over the place. So please do feel free to offload or chat on here when things get too much - everyone on here just gets it, no need to ever explain.

I was diagnosed age 49 and went on to have a mastectomy and reconstruction, chemo, radiotherapy and now Tamoxifen so if I can help with any questions please do ask, anything at all.

In the meantime I’d advise trying to take one day at a time, and try not to let your mind run away with you. Consultants are usually very conservative so if yours says that he/she is confident that it is confined to the breast I would trust them. I wonder if the fact that you have suddenly stopped HRT is causing the aches, and heightened emotions?

Also if I can help with navigating the forum do ask. You may have already looked at all the various boards, you might want to join one for the month you have surgery. Or if you have specific medical questions you might want to message or call the nurses on here. There is also a service called Someone like Me where you can be matched with someone who has gone through similar diagnosis.

Or I am happy to chat more if I can help at all. Sending you hugs, Evie xx