Diagnosed yesterday and pregnant

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Hi I was diagnosed yesterday with Breast Cancer. I found a lump a couple of weeks ago and was seen yesterday. They have done ultra sound and mamogram and there is the big lump that i have found and a smaller one next to it. I am awaiting the results from the biopsy and lymph sample which they took and waiting to hear what they can do for me. I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant and finding it very hard to take in. I can’t stop crying and worried for my little girl who is 2. I am 35 and very very scared x

Polly, you have come to the right place. There are some wonderful women (and men) on this website that will be with you every step of the way. I was dx in September and had surgery, I am now going through chemotherapy. I am supported by many many women who have gone all the way through the deep dark woods that is breast cancer and have come out the other side.
you must believe that you will too. Trust in your oncologist - they are the experts and treatment will be tailored to get you through this, and, this time next year you will be looking back with the bad times over.
use this site to chat, rant and maybe cry too - I know I have and will continue to
Take care
love and hugs
kay x

Hi Polly, Please please try not too worry, I know that advice is easier said then done. Waiting for results is a very difficult stressful time but feel rest assured that once all the results are in, experts will be able to set about a treatment plan. When is your next appointment. There are a few pregnant ladies on the forum and I am sure they will pop on soon and give you some moreadvice and reassurance. Stay positive sending hugs xxxxx

Hi Polly
Sorry you have to join us here, no-one ever wants to join this club, but welcome to the forum.
Hun you will be scared. At 20 weeks you should be starting to bloom in your pregnancy but are now completely in limbo and in fear of what your results will reveal. Life can be very cruel.
We do have a separate category on the forum under the heading ‘Pregnant with Breast Cancer’ and you will find several ladies there who are at a similar stage in pregnancy to you at the moment, some very newly diagnosed and some who have recently started treatment. Please pop in there as support from ladies going through a similar experience to you is invaluable. I found it very isolating when I was dx whilst pregnant because there weren’t that many around in the same boat as me.
Do you know when you are getting your results? Whatever the results reveal, at least a treatment plan can then be put in place.
If it helps you, I was dx in May 2006 whilst 30 weeks pregnant. Had the full hit of surgery, chemo, rads, herceptin, tamoxifen. I am now flying solo and taking no medication. Last mammo was in October and was confirmed as no evidence of disease (NED).
It is a worrying time for you and your hormones will be flying all over the place but you will get lots of support on this forum from ladies who are or aren’t pregnant. Good luck with your results and please keep us posted on how you are getting on. Love xxxx

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Hi Polly
I’m so sorry to hear your news, I won’t be able to offer you experience as I too was diagnosed at 24 weeks last week with my 4th baby, I’m 38. I find out treatment plan tomorrow. Please do PM me if you need to talk, share, rant, i know I do! The ladies on here are lovely, so positive and are sharing positive stories I am finding such a help in this nightmare.


Hi Polly, welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have here, our helpline team are here to offer you further support and a listening ear along with information on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

The following link will take you to the BCC ‘Younger women’ page which includes the ‘Breast cancer during pregnancy’ information which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care


Thanks so much for your supportive words cant believe how scary it all is x