Diagnosed yesterday any help appreciated

Hi there I am 51, pretty healthy, not overwieght or anything, following a routing screening in November  I was recalled and informed abnormalities etc had to have a biopsy, waited a week for results, saw Doctor who informed me that there was a large area of concern and she needed a further biopsy.  Went for that on 31st Dec in ‘vice’ from 8:45 until 11.10… and as anyone who has had a mammogram will understand, that was really uncomfortable! They ended up taking 20 samples from 3 sites and i went yesterday totally happy and confident that all was ok only to be be told I had to have a double masectomy and armpit thingy done, in about 4 weeks time, she mentioned the radioactive dye etc and warned my husband that i would appear ‘blue’ that set us off laughing (probably a bit too  much!) that i would look like a Smurf… there we are getting horrendous news and laughing about him bringing a white hat a taking photos of me looking like a Smurf…


Back to being sensible, I have opted for the double masectomy without reconstruction - anyone else out there in forum land done this?  I do not want reconstruction under any circumstances.  Has anyone else done this? how long was the recovery?   hundreds of questions, feel weird only way i can describe how i feel at this moment is in the words of Pink Floyd in that I am ‘Comfortably Numb’  but am not daft…appreciate that this will hit home pretty soon and I will be a jibbering wreck, but right now trying to get as much info on board


Thanks to anyone who can help or can just let me know that there are others out there in the same situation right now


Hello Lablover

Welcome to the forums.  I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, the first few weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with your diagnosis and treatment.
As well as the support you will receive on the forums you might find it helpful to order the BCC resources pack. It has been specifically designed for those newly diagnosed and contains information to help you understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. If you would like to order a copy just follow the link bellow:-

We also have our ‘Someone Like Me’ service which is not face to face but telephone or email based support with a volunteer who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Here is a link for further information on this, breastcancercare.org.uk/breast-cancer-services/someone-talk/one-one-support

You may also like to talk things through with one of the helpline staff, they are there to offer emotional support as well as provide information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and lines are open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-2 Saturday.

Best wishes

June, moderator

Hi there - was diagnosed with DCIS at beginning of Feb 14 - following first mamo - had ultrasound biopsy and then core biopsy with 20 plus samples taken and then told that had to have mx - so far sounds like yours though I only needed a single not double. And I went for immediate reconstruction with strattice and implant.  And have also since had fat transfer from thighs (painful!) to recon and an uplift to good boob (no prob).  There are plenty of ladies on here that do not go for recon and I am sure that they will be in touch with their advice soon.  Good luck!

Hi, I was diagnosed with DCIS in right breast after routine screening September 4th and had mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction and reduction to left breast on December 4th. I too went along for results convinced there would be nothing wrong. I was in shock and denial for several weeks. Probably still am! Laughter is good, my partner and I have laughed uncontrollably at times and cried at others. Many choose not to have reconstruction and are content. You must do what is right for you. It is a strange period whilst you wait for dates and treatment plans. The good thing about DCIS is that in the majority of cases after mastectomy no further treatment is required. I wish you well and the forum is a great place to find out information and support from people who appreciate your fears and concerns x

Hi Lablover

I’m 47 and had a bi lateral mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy without reconstruction on Dec 1st after I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer.

I’m recovering fine, I’ve had a couple of problems like some numbness and funny sensations while my nerves recovered from the tissue removal and some stiffness and tightness, but that’s different for everyone.  The one important thing is to do the exercises they give you religiously.  I found them tough at first but I’m glad I did them.  I felt very stiff at first but gradually they got easier.  I found my left arm especially stiff since that was the side I had the sentinel node biopsy done.  I still feel stiff every morning but once I’ve done the stretches I do loosen up and its still early days.

I avoided lifting anything heavy and rested the first few days because I tired easily and the drains made moving about a bit awkward.  In the hospital I was given a lovely bag with long handles to carry them in that former breast cancer patients had made and it came in very handy for short trips to the loo etc.  I found it easiest to sleep on my back with the drains either side of me (my poor OH slept on the sofa in case he rolled onto them in the night).  I can’t tell you how good it felt the first night I was able to sleep on my side :smiley:

I have the option to have reconstruction but before I consider that I have some chemo and rads to do and they’ll affect the decision as well.  I was given softies to wear in my bra after the op (if I wanted to) until I have my silicone falsies in a couple more weeks but I only used them once to give me some shape on Christmas day.  I felt more natural without all the fake padding in front of me but everyone is different.  It might be that its because my natural breasts were an A cup and quite firm so I rarely wore a bra anyway and wearing one now feels strange.  At the moment I don’t want reconstruction but that may change…

It is a very surreal time, I’ve gone from laughing hysterically to blubbing my head off to being comfortably numb (LOVE Gilmour’s solo at the end of that song) but somehow still dealing with everyday life.  Sending you hugs

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me, fire away.

Love L x

PS My radioactive jab never did turn me blue, I was quite disappointed ;D xxx

Hi lablover.

I had single mastectomy a month ago, not having reconstruction till after all my chemo and radiation over…even then debating if I will. My surgeon said a surprisingly number of women decide not to reconstruct as they’re just over it.

Its so shocking,  but surreal,  we all understand here. im a month past surgery and it still feels odd.

Much love



Apologies for lack of posting, though i must admit i have ready everything on here and everywhere else on web, i know some people say not to, i have found it very helpful to read  anything and everything - otherwise this is such a lonely process!


I have had a date for a week today (9th Feb) have to be at the hospital for 7.30 am for surgery that morning for a double mastectomy and lobe thingy (can never remember the word for that)…and to coin medical advice so far …we won’t know any more until afer the op!


All been a rather surreal process - fed up with questions as to how am i feeling…how do you answer i feel absolutely nothing? BCN was no help when she rang a week after diagnosis, oh you will be one of the ones that hits the wall when you go in for surgery…not very helpful…! i just hope that if i do lose it, it will be when i get home, (and not in ASDA during weekend shop)at least i will be with those that care (something i have so far found lacking in welsh NHS - their total assistance so far has been to give me a leaflet - but at least that give me details of this site!)


any cyber help now would be really appreciated


anyone else feel this strange ‘comfortable numb’ feeling whilst going through this process, whether currently on this journey, or thankfully successfully finished it? Contrary to medical and family comments i am not in denial, i just feel nothing other than absolutley knackered from lack of sleep the 1am to 4am low points where you are wide awake with all sorts flying around your head…


thanks for the site, would have been completely lost without it








Hi all,
I am 10 months down the line, a verified member of the 0300hrs club, and have found these two books really helpful -

Emotional support through breast cancer - the alternative handbook. Dr Cordelia Galgut
What can i do to help? 75 practical ideas for friends and family from cancers frontline. Deborah Hutton

I have had amazing support from some mates, and others who persist with foot in mouth comments & talking to my wonky boobs and the ongoing stories of x,y,z who did or didnt survive their particular cancer. I feel a paid up member of my own mrs grumpy club, but reading these books has helped me adapt my perspective… in addition i may try lowerimg my stance soon to meet the boob talkers… or i may front up to the (no pun intended) & redirect their point of focus.


Joking aside one lady on my return to the workplace persisted in questioning quite intimately re surgery / treatments etc & I wasnt prepared for this interrogation, especially with a kindly gentleman situated just over my shoulder. i have learnt by that & now if it occurs again have an answer ready to put a hold on the curiousity in an inappropriate situation.


Best wishes all



Whoops hit post too soon.
Well done on finding this site so early, posting and taking the support. I was slower, but now am finding out so much, and gaining so much support from others in this club.
Thinking of you all, sending gentle hugs

Hi Mel

I love Pink Floyd! Just wanted to send you hugs and good wishes. I also know exactly how you feel. I had lumpectomy and sentinel node removal on 10 Feb (my birthday!) and had been in the denial/feeling numb stage up to then. I just couldn’t seem to get my head round the fact it was happening to me and had this bizarre feeling that it was all a mistake! Perhaps it was someone elses result they had?!! Now that I’m waiting for the results, i seem to have become a mad person or madder than usual anyway. I could cry for England sometimes (good job Ocado delvered some more tissues) and have meltdowns at the stupidest things. I call it my booby brain at the moment. I am usually a practical businesswoman, running my own business, I should say. Anyway, i’ve lrarned from the forum that not every woman feels the same way when they get a diagnosis so however you are feeling, it’s ok.
Francine xx

Hi Mel.

I work from home too but have managed to wangle my way in to the office! I get my results tomorrow too. I can’t believe they discharged you after a double mx without any pain meds! Absolutely ridiculous, are they short of money!? You’ve had a much bigger op than me and I’m still in some pain just over 2 weeks down the line!, so you must be very stoic. I went to the hairdressers today and found leaning back to have my hair washed quite painful on my boob! Found that quite depressing for some reason. Anyway at least I don’t have grey hairs any more! I can’t take codeine or Tramadol as I’m allergic and I find paracetomol and ibuprofen taken together works quite well, especially at night. You must be very sore poor thing. Let’s remember that only a few years ago you’d be kept in hospital for a week or so after a big op like that. I really do think that discharging women after a double mx the next day is too soon. I know there’s the risk of infection etc and people do recover better at home but even so. Anyway, all the best for tomorrow, will be thinking of you x Francine

Isn’t laughter wonderful, and you will find that the black laughter as vital as the normal in your journey, we did, my husband and i. The lady in the bed next to me was having double mx with no recon. She was in her 40s, loved horse riding, was married with 2 daughters. She didn’t want anything to stop her hobby which destresed her, provided laughter, exercise and whole family time. At the time i couldn’t have done that, my dx came out of the blue… Very brave but right for her.

Hi Donna, I’m about to asked onc today about having my ovaries removed and was curious when in the treatment timetable did you have your op ie was it after you’ve finished all other treatments or did they squeeze it between your treatments? Thanks xx