Diagnosed Yesterday

Hi all, I was diagnosed yesterday with primary triple negative breast cancer. I’ve been referred to the fertility clinic as my partner and I had been trying for a baby when this all kicked off . I have so many questions and so many worries right now, the main one being— what if it’s spread and I can’t get better. Everything seems so negative at the moment and I’m fighting so hard to remain positive about the outcome. I’m not ready for any of this  

Oh Hazzabee.
So sorry for what you are going through.  You are entering a whole new world with so much to find out about.  The shock is awful at the start I know, but breast cancer is VERY survivable and you will get loads of help with it all, both from your medical team and here on ‘breast cancer now’.  I was diagnosed 15 years ago with a 4.5cm multi focus tumour with nodes, and now I am as fit and well as I have ever been. My only advice is to focus on what you actually know you have to deal with right now, and stop getting anxious about the “what ifs”. One tool you can use for that is relaxation exercises focused on the breathing.  Headspace is one app with guided relaxation and Maggie’s has a collection of guided recordings too. Also don’t be afraid to lean on friends and family for support. 
Keep  us posted on how you are going. 
Sending loads of hugs

Eily  xxx

Hi @hazzabee    fellow TNBCer here. I would echo the earlier reply of concentrating on what you know and trying not to worry about what you don’t know. Things do become a bit easier once you have a treatment plan as it gives you structure and a feeling that something is being done. Wishing you all the best.