Diagnosed yesterday

Told yesterday that I have stage 3 breast cancer I had a bioosy last Friday due to have MRI tomorrow then plan from there, have been having rib cage pain that feels like a muscle strain and hoping against hope that the MRI shows nothing more. Consultant has not decided ye if it will be lumpectomy or mastectomy, dare say I will find that out when I next see him. Hoping to make some online friends here so we can support each other

Hello emerald my lovely,
I am sorry that you have found yourself here, but, now you are here, you will find lots of support and I formation. The ladies and gents have either gone through it or are caring for someone who is or was, so they can usually guide you to where you need to be.
I’m pretty new myself although a little further on then you, I found a lump in my breast about 7/8 weeks ago, a week later it wS confirmed as a19mm tumour on my left breast, I had WLE and sentinel node biopsy almost 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t decide on my surgery either, but a nursing friend of mine who had been through BC herself said “trust your surgeon and breast nurse as they will give you the information you need and trust your friends and family for they will give you the strength you need” I took the advice and went for what the surgeon felt he could do comfortably.
When do you see your surgeon love? Many have said the waitings the worse and it is, but as you get through your journey things will become clearer.
I wish you the very best, keep us informed
Sending hugs
Car x x

Hi Emerald, I echo what Carmia has said about the support you will find here, they have really helped me deal with my diagnosis, like you I was getting rib pain prior to finding out I had BC but it was nothing and it’s completely gone now so try not to worry about it too much if you can, we link every ache and pain to it initially but thankfully that does lesson, just try and take it a step at a time, it’s all to easy to panic and think the worst but that rarely is the case and you will be surprised how much you will learn over the coming months that will help put your mind at ease Xx Jo 

Hi Emerald,
so sorry that you find yourself here. You will find fantastic spport, especially as your specific treatment plan is devised.
We will try to pick you up when you are down,
share our experiences when confusion rules, and allow rants to pass .
We also try to laugh at the crazy happenings. Best wishes for your MRI today, keep in touch,
Lexilou x

Hi Emerald I too had that pain under my rib cage my consultant said it could be as a result of biopsies. It went away after surgery. I then had to go for an ultrasound on my stomach and another biopsy my mind was working overtime that morning my bowels and bladder worked overtime but there was nothing. It was all in my mind. Be strong treat yourself to nice things now and again you will get there. Keep in touch.

Hi Emerald I was diagnosed about four weeks ago. I have a grade 3 lump but not yet been staged. Had MRI last week. Waiting for results and way forward. Was speaking to my doctor regarding sudden aches and pains id not noticed before. She said its natural probably anxiety. Just playing the waiting game now

Hi all,I don’t remember speaking to anyone who was recently diagnosed who didn’t suddenly develop weird aches and pains that they didn’t have before,despite having no symptoms at all before diagnosis both my breast (dodgy and non dodgy ) decided to have shooting pains,oh and I decided to throw palpitations into the mix too.Anxiety is a powerful thing…

Before my diagnosis,infact befor I found the lump, I was incredibly tired and put it down to the new shift change at work. After finding the lump and then the diagnosis I was full of aches and pains, after my WLE I woke one day to the most terrible head ache and watery eyes, and as usual I imagined all sorts of things. It went, and it was just all the stress of the recent events and the forthcoming events. I ignore my aches to a certain extent now, just mention them to my BN when I see or speak to her.
Emerald how is everything going love?
Car x

Hi Folks


Hanging in there, had MRI yesterday and seeing consultant today, went for pre op assessment yesterday and blood pressure was through the roof which I am sure is stress related but went on to GP who prescribed some big guns meds to get it down for the surgery, chest aches much better so I think just my mind doing overtime. Will find out today waht the next step is and possible treatment plan it is still all a muddle in my head so much happening in such a short time!

Take care all xx

Hi Emerald , the benefit of having chemo first is that your are much less likely to need more radical surgery.I know it’s miserable but you need to do whatever it takes to get rid if the b****r.

You will see it shrinking away before your eyes instead!

This is s wonky road we travel, full of ups and downs, but think of it as, whatever way you go it will be to get rid of it, chemo surgery they are both going to help, and as Jo said, the surgery will not be as heavy.
Keep strong, which I know us not as easy as we would like, I’m having a wobbly day today but tomorrow is another day.
Good luck love x

I’m having it this way round too and was surprised at first but I feel better now as I think the chemo into me first will kill any stray cells floating around. And I don’t have to wait to recover from surgery before getting chemo. Plus I think once we see the tumour shrinking it will be better xx