diagnosed yesterday

what a shock! was not expecting this…no History of BC in the family…im fit and healthy. am waiting to see the surgeon about treatment options…chemo has been mentioned which terrifies me! the good news is…its teeny tiny…caught early and I expect a full recovery…however I’m so worried about the impact this will have on my family !

Hi there, I’m quite new here too, just diagnosed and still trying to take it all in but I just wanted to say you’ve come to the right place for support. I’m sure you will hear from others who have been here longer, done it and got the T-shirt. The phone support here is good too, I’ve used it and spoke with a nurse who really knew her stuff. All I can really say is hang on in there. It’s good that you’ve had it detected and are going to get it treated. I wish you all the best. Lots of hugs. Brenda

Hi GenB and welcome to the club none of us wanted to join.  I was the same as you, very surprised, with no family historical patterns but here we are, it got us.  We are the one in eight.  Its good that you have caught it early.  The waiting between diagnosis and treatment starting can be quite an anxious time.  I’d focus on worrying about you first because if you are coping well then your family will probably find it easier too.  I found it hard to show my vulnerable side to my family so I came on here to dump my anxieties which really helped.  There’s always someone here to scrape you off the ceiling or pick you back up off the floor.  My kids were in university and I felt dreadful that my illness could potentially ruin their success.  I coped really well and so did they.  Here’s my story:  lifeafterlola.com  there are some useful coping tips in there but dont worry though as your treatment may not be as big as mine!  I was locally advanced with a very large tumour and many lymph nodes involved.  Once you know your treatment plan you can join the “going through treatment” thread on this forum to chat with others going through the same.  I found this really helpful.  Best wishes to you. xx

Hi there, I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with a grade 2 lobular BC. Like you I have no history in my family. I’m 44 and extremely fit (I run, cycle and exercise at least 5 days a week), don’t smoke, drink much alcohol and eat well. I’ve also breast fed 3 kids who are now in their teens and 20. Just goes to show that no one is immune from this despite trying hard to reduce risks and keep ourselves healthy. Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed too. I’m sure our healthy bodies will stand us in good stead for fighting and getting rid of this awful thing. ? xxx

Thank you

OK sorry you find yourself here BUT here you are and I just want to say that nobody was more afraid of chemo than I was!


I want to tell you that the fear of it is far worse than actually having it.


I used a cold cap and kept lots of hair and did not need a wig.


I fasted a couple of days before and had far fewer symptoms than others on my thread or in my unit.


If you do find yourself facing chemo look into the cold cap and fasting and don’t worry because lots of us have had it and come out the other side xxx