Diagnosed yesterday



I was diagnosed yesterday with 2 types of breast cancer. One doesn’t spread and the other cancer does. I have been told I need a masectomy.

I am trying to decide at the moment whether to have the reconstruction using my tummy. I don’t like the idea of being incapacitated for up to 8 weeks because my mum is dying of lung cancer at the moment. 

I would like to know people’s experience of having a reconstruction. I am back on Tuesday.


Hello Esther36, first I’m so sorry to hear your diagnosis and that you find yourself in this forum but it’s a fabulous source of support and there’s always someone there to give you a virtual hug. I’m sending you one right now.


Like you I was diagnosed with two types of cancer in my right breast but in my case both were invasive so I had to have a right sided mastectomy which was done on 7/12. I’ve had immediate reconstruction using implant only and I’m really pleased with the results so far. I also had my sentinel node removed but thankfully the cancer had not spread that far so I don’t need radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


I was a 40E cup and the only issue with using implant only is that they’ve used the largest one and it’s a good B/ possibly C cup. Consequently I’m now going to have a reduction on the good side. The plan is to remove 1.2kg “ish” of tissue and lift the breast so it’s as pert as my new one. I’ll have a new nipple created on my new boob and then a nipple tattoo. This isn’t going to be done for a year so in the meantime I’ve been using a “softee” but will get a prosthesis in March to balance me out.


I made the choice to use implant only as I didn’t want additional scarring from tissue being moved to build my new breast and I would have needed an implant anyway ( they can’t move enough tissue to create an E cup ) so I decided to just go with just the implant.


As I’d had reconstruction I had two abdominal drains, one came out after 4 weeks but the other one only came out last week ( so had been in 61 days ). I’m also still very restricted what I can do to avoid issues with the implant moving while it’s settling and my wound is taking a long time to heal at the t junction.


having said all that I have no regrets, other than having had Cancer !, my prosthetic nipple is being made and I will get it next Tuesday and I’ve seen loads of photos of my consultants work where she has done reductions / lifts to match implant reconstruction and they all look fabulous. I did lots of research before I decided what to do, as you are, and I’m sure you’ll decide what course is the right one for you. Stay strong, keep your chin up and know there is a whole army of us women out here for you to turn to when you need to xx Melanie