Diagnosed yesterday!

Hi I’m 41 and was diagnosed yesterday with grade 2 lobular cancer they’ve said an mri scan and then a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy, I have two rumours about 25mm.  Apparently I have the best possible prognosis.

I have had a pain in my shoulder for months has anyone else has this? I have had an mri in December which should nothing and they are not concerned but it still worries me. 


Hi jennie1021 - I’m really sorry to read about your diagnosis, but glad that you have found this forum and hope it will help you through your treatment.

Now you have been diagnosed you will be super alert to all aches and pains - though you did say that you’ve had this shoulder pain since before diagnosis. From my experience, your team will have been very thorough in checking you, but if the pain is still bothering and worrying you then it’s important for your own peace of mind to speak to someone about it. You might like to start by calling the nurses on this forum - the number is at the top of this page on the right, or see if you can speak to your own breast cancer nurse. You should have been given the phone number for the breast cancer nurses team, so you can call with any questions.

I’m sure you feel as if you have just been hit by a truck that came out of nowhere - anxiety and worries are very normal and very common. We all need to find a way to manage our worries - which is usually easier said than done. I like to refer back to a book I have which reminds us that “fears are NOT facts”.

I wish you all the best for your treatment and do hope you get the reassurance you need about your shoulder pain. Chat away any time. Hugs, Evie xx

Hello Jeannie1021,

I’m so sorry you have a diagnosis but you have definitely found the right place for support. This forum has been invaluable to me. I imagine you are in a whirlwind of emotion right now so do reach out for any support when you need to.

I am 43 was diagnosed with invasive grade 3 breast cancer in October, luckily stage 1. I found a lump so the GP referred me, my mamagram only found 1 lump (2cm), the ultra sound then found a second (14mm) and the breast MRI a third (8mm). I was told that under 50s have dense breast tissue still so lumps don’t always show up on anything other than a breat MRI scan. My third lump was a tiny 8mm! So I feel that the MRI scan would have showed anything suspicious if it was there. But if you are worried, do mention your concerns to them.

I too have always had lots of shoulder pain. I am very tall so always thought it was because of that. However I saw the GP and was found to have a compressed nerve. I had physio which really helped. Could you go back to your GP about your shoulder pain.

I wish you well with your surgery. I was having a lumpectomy but after the third tumour was found I needed a mastectomy. I had surgery in October.

Take care of yourself, sending many positive vibes x

Hi there,  I was diagnosed on Friday too.  25mm lump,  IDC, HER2 neg  estrogen postive. Now the wait for treatment. 

Ive been told more imaging, then lumpectomy and radiotherapy. All a bit scary isn’t it?

Hi Jennie

I wish i could give you a big hug I was diagnosed in december 2020 with er positive her 2 positive 3.7cm x 2.0cm found 10 mths after a clear mammography ive had two chemos with herceptain you will have chemo before surgery  Her 2 cancer though aggressive will shrink very quickly and can clear any cancer in lypmh nodes  I have cancer in three lymph nodes cat scan clear   the strange thing is because of herceptain your survival is the same has if your her 2 negative

ive been to hell and back was it the alchol or weight and im a nurse anyone else her 2 positive ?